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Investing for Economic and Social Development: UK-China Partnerships Under the New Silk Road
The first direct freight train arrived in Barking, London, from Yiwu in Zhejiang province, China, which opens new opportunities for trade and investment for post-Brexit UK. The One Belt One Road (OBOR) provides possibilities for enhancing partnerships for sustainable growth, high-tech manufacturing, investments in knowledge and skills development, and global value chains between China, UK and countries along the New Silk Road. This study presents possibilities.

China is shaping up to be a world leader on climate change
Nicholas Stern comments on Xi Jinping's speech at the WEF and China's leadership role in climate change.

Podcasts: LSESU China Development Forum 2016
Podcasts of sessions from the LSESU China Development Forum 2016 are now available to download.

AIIB much more than ‘China’s World Bank’
Danny Quah interviewed about the AIIB at the LSE SU China Development Forum 2016.

German manufacturing model best for China
"What is unusual about China is not that the growth rate has slowed but that the economy has actually managed to grow at nearly 10 percent a year for 30 years," says Professor Athar Hussain.

New Brics bank in Shanghai to challenge major institutions
"Nicholas Stern recalled how he and Joseph Stiglitz conceived the idea for the Brics bank at Davos as a way for emerging markets with large trade surpluses to recycle those savings into productive investments."

India, Pakistan Could Not Afford to Be Left Out of SCO
Professor Athar Hussain comments on the acceptance of India and Pakistan as members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Banishing ghosts
In this article on 'ghost cities', Professor Athar Hussain comments on migration in China.

Policy Brief: China’s “new normal”
China has grown rapidly for more than three decades. It now entered a new phase of economic development - a “new normal” - focused on better quality growth.

Research Grant for Scholars of Chinese Studies
Application deadline 31 May 2015 for Research Grants for Foreign Scholars in Chinese Studies offered by the Center for Chinese Studies, based in Taiwan.

China-Pakistan Relations
Athar Hussain comments on Chinese investment in Pakistan and the recent state visit to Pakistan by Chinese President Xi Jinping (Article in Italian - cinaforum 24 April 2015)

Podcasts: LSESU China Development Forum 2015
Podcasts of sessions from the LSESU China Development Forum 2015 are now available to download.

Britain's involvement in AIIB reflects its pragmatism in bonds with Asia
'Danny Quah, said that Britain has already re-adjusted its trading, economic and financial ties with Asia, as the world has entered into a new normal with strong characteristics of the rise of the east.' ( 14 March 2015)

Peripheral diplomacy needed before Chinese firms can aim globally
Beijing's discussion on China's relationship with surrounding countries has entered a new phase. In academia, professors have long been concerned about the surrounding countries ever since the founding of People's Republic of China. But the concept of "periphery countries" has not been defined as a principle until recent years (Global Times 10 February 2015)

China internationalise only when wise
'China should liberalise its capital account controls and foreign exchange rate controls at a speed that benefits its economic growth' (China Daily 20 February 2015)

China's soft power promotes international understanding
China's practice of soft power is aimed to better facilitate the understanding between itself and the world, rather than imposing its own opinions onto other nations (Ecns 10 February 2015)

Sinologist calls for improving translation of Chinese literature
Less-qualified translation and less attention from Western publishers have made Chinese literature less acknowledged (Globalpost 9 February 2015)

Increasing renminbi activities in London: experts
London's development of a renminbi offshore centre is gaining speed as China's trade and investment flows with the UK increase and the Chinese currency internationalises (The China Post 10 February 2015)

Experts optimistic about China's reform agenda
At an event organised by the LSESU China Development Society, Professor Craig Calhoun commented that China's economic growth is unmatched in world history and the growth is not just the GDP figure, but also growth of the middle class (Xinhua 6 February 2015)

China's Pension System Reform
Listen to Professor Athar Hussin, and others, speak on China's pension system reform (China Radio International 4 February 2015)

Great leaps in soft power
The spread of Chinese culture is opening paths as companies go global and creating an eagerness to learn more about the country. This trend will be explored at the LSESU China Development Forum in London (China Daily 6 February 2015)

Mobility grant for doctoral research on contemporary China
French Centre for Research on Contemporary China scholarship application deadline extended to 25th January 2015

Britain turns up heat over Hong Kong, but has weak hand
Athar Hussain argues London must keep up the pressure on China over Hong Kong (The Straits Times 1 October 2014)

How China became a climate leader
Nicholas Stern discusses China emerging as a global leader in climate policy as it seeks to build a cleaner and more efficient economy.

Videos: LSE SU China Development Forum 2014
Videos of sessions from LSESU China Development Forum 2014 are now available to watch.

Fudan University Visiting Fellows Programme
Fudan University has launched a new Visiting Fellows programme with a select number of universities around the world, including LSE.

Voices of the world: Where have China's dividends gone?
There is no doubt that China's policy to deepen reform is correct, but one or two years is not enough given the tremendous amount of work needed, comments Professor Athar Hussain (Global Times 4 March 2014)

China's reform on right track: Nobel Prize laureate
The economic reform agenda outlined by the Chinese government late last year is heading in the right direction, said Nobel Prize winner Eric Maskin at the LSE SU China Development Forum ( 11 February 2014).

LSESU China Development Forum 2014
An opportunity to engage in intellectual debates about China’s current development and meet like-minded peers. Registration is now open.

Chinese leadership expected to deepen reforms to spur growth
Professor Athar Hussain comments on the importance of urbanisation in a news story about the upcoming policy meeting of the Communist Party of China (Xinhua 7 November 2013)

Melbourne pioneers in forming linkages between Chinese and Australian universities
LSE alumnus Zhang Hui, a researcher on the URBACHINA project, presented her work at a symposium, hosted jointly by the University of Melbourne and Renmin University, that focused on social changes and policy issues in present-day China.

Slick cities
Professor Athar Hussain and Dr Ehtisham Ahmad comment on some of the issues arising from China's rapid urbanisation. The LSE Asia Research Centre is contributing to a project called URBACHINA which is jointly managed by a consortium of Chinese and European research institutions. The project is jointly funded by China and the EU (China Daily Europe 14 June 2013)

IMF's Zhu says too early to judge Japan stimulus drive
Zhu Min comments on Japan's fiscal stimulus after a talk at LSE on Asian financial markets (Reuters 18 June 2013)

Better Sino-US relations benefit world
Dr Ehtisham Ahmad comments on the recent meeting between President Xi Jinping and President Barack Obama (China Daily USA 11 June 2013)

The Future of Asian Financial Markets in a Changing World
Tickets are now available for Zhu Min's talk at LSE #LSEIMF

Chinese Government Scholarship for LSE
LSE has been invited to nominate two current students for these external Chinese Scholarships, which are funded by the Chinese Government.

An Wang Postdoctoral Fellowships 2013-14
The Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University invites applications for the An Wang Postdoctoral Fellowship. Research topics can cover any period of Chinese history or contemporary China and involve any academic discipline.

China's rise is opportunity for world
China's development is an opportunity for the world, Cong Peiwu, Chinese Minister Counsellor to the UK said at the LSESU China Development Forum 2012 co-organised with LSE Asia Research Centre.

Job Opportunity with the BBC in China
The BBC is currently looking for a Research Manager. The position is based in China. Closing date for applications is 13th January 2012.

India, China to top in carbon emissions
“A new industrial revolution can only happen with development of new and clean energy sources,” said Professor Lord Nicholas Stern, chair for Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy and Asia Research Centre, London School of Economics.

The Royal Society for Asian Affairs - Sir Peter Holmes Memorial Award 2012
The Royal Society for Asian Affairs invites applications from individuals aged 18-25 for the Sir Peter Holmes Memorial Award 2012. The aim of the award is to encourage purposeful travel in Asia by young people. The closing date for applications is 28th October 2011.

Experts show optimism on China's development to 2020
The Fourth International Forum for Contemporary Chinese Studies at the University of Nottingham, co-organized by the Asia Research Centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the School of Sociology and Anthropology at Sun Yat-sen University.

BBC World Service Programmes - Video: 'The Power of Asia - Democracy or Prosperity?' (webpage in English)
Watch the video of the BBC debate 'The Power of Asia - Democracy or Prosperity?' held at the London Stock Exchange on 29 June 2011.  Webpage in English.

BBC Chinese Network - Video: 'The Power of Asia - Democracy or Prosperity?' (webpage in Chinese)
Watch the video of the BBC debate 'The Power of Asia - Democracy or Prosperity?' held at the London Stock Exchange on 29 June 2011.  Webpage in Chinese.

BBC Chinese Network - Debate Preview: The Power of Asia – Democracy or Prosperity? (webpage in Chinese)
BBC is holding a debate on 29 June 2011 at the London Stock Exchange. The topic is ‘The Power of Asia – Democracy or Prosperity?’. Participants include: Professor Athar Hussain (Asia Research Centre, London School of Economics), Professor Liu Shaojia (Brunel University), Ms Martina Nguyen (University of California, Berkeley), Dr Intan Ichsan (University of Exeter), Mr Van Biak Thang ( The debate will be in English. The debate can be watched live from 1pm to 2pm 29 June at Videos will be available online from 30 June.

2011 China Postgraduate Network Annual Conference
30th June and 1st July 2011 Organised by the China Postgraduate Network

China's Cap and Trade to Come Within Five Years, Professor ...
China will have a cap-and-trade system to limit its emissions by about 2015 as the world’s biggest polluter takes a lead role in developing clean energy, London School of Economics Professor Nicholas Stern said.

Politics at the Boundary: Mixed Signals and the Chinese State
18th October 2010. Speaker: Professor Kevin O'Brien, Chair: Dr Mayling Birney

Lord Nicholas Stern and WRI China Country Director Zou Ji Host Joint Seminar on Climate Change in Beijing
WRI and Renmin University hosted a joint seminar with Lord Nicholas Stern and his colleagues from the London School of Economics’ Grantham Research Institute, on Thursday, March 25, in Beijing, during which Lord Stern and some of Beijing’s leading climate change scholars discussed current efforts to mitigate climate change and the challenge of maintaining global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees centigrade.

LSE Asia Forum - Beijing 2010 - Video and Audio
Highlights include: Howard Davies; His Excellency Mr Yang Jiechi, Foreign Minister of People's Republic of China; His Royal Highness The Duke of York; Liu Mingkang, Chairman, China Banking Regulatory Commission; Professor Odd Arne Westad, Professor of International History, LSE; Professor Lord Nicholas Stern; and many, many more!

Japanese-Chinese territorial disputes in the East China Sea – between military confrontation and economic cooperation.
ARCWP24 - Reinhard Drifte (2008): The management of the Japanese-Chinese relationship has huge implications for the process of accommodating China`s rise as a political, economic and military power, and this process will exert great influence on regional as well as international stability (Drifte 2003). In this context, the modalities of addressing the Japanese-Chinese territorial conflicts in the East China Sea (referred to in Chinese as ‘East Sea’ or ‘Donghai’) will have repercussions for the solution of other territorial conflicts which China has (notably in the South China Sea), and provide important clues about China`s military power and how it may use this power.

Twenty-first Century China
Oriental Morning Post, interview with Dr Ruth Kattumuri: The developments evident in Beijing and Hangzhou during my recent visit to China were fascinating and impressive. As I cleared an efficient immigration and stepped into the country, Beijing airport spanned out before me seemingly like a 21st Century Forbidden City. The maintenance of the airport, one year after Olympics 2008, was impeccable, with attention given to aspects not seen anywhere else. The commitment, pride and grandeur with which the Forbidden City was built was also evident in the scale and architecture in today’s China.

Transboundary pollution as an issue in Northeast Asian regional politics
ARCWP12 - Professor Reinhard Drifte (2003): This paper investigates the political aspects of the cooperation between China, South Korea, and Japan to address transboundary pollution in Northeast Asia. Investigating the motivations, modalities and obstacles of regional approaches to transboundary pollution among the PRC, Japan and the ROK sheds light on the role of regional leadership , the Japan-China rivalry for regional leadership, and the role of South Korea between these two powers.

露丝·卡茨穆里. 英国伦敦政治经济学院. 亚洲研究中心副主任. 当我通过高效率的中国海关踏上这个国家国土的时候,展现在面前的北京国际机场真像一个21世纪的紫禁城。奥运会后的机场维护依然无可挑剔,非常周到。史上建造紫禁城时的信诺、自豪和庄严在当今中国的建筑规模和建筑结构中体现得淋漓尽致。这是我第一次访问中国的北京和杭州所留下的深刻印象。

China's latest export -- rock 'n' roll -- hits the U.S. -
Two of China's hottest up-and-coming rock bands -- Carsick Cars and P.K. 14 -- are taking their first steps on a whirlwind American music tour to showcase the Asian giant's latest export: rock 'n' roll.

British scholar optimistic about China's future growth
Martin Jacques, a visiting senior fellow at the London School of Economics' Asia Research Center, expressed optimism about China's future development in a recent interview with Xinhua. "China has an extraordinarily successful economic transformation which is still of course only half complete," said Jacques, regarded as one of Britain's leading experts on China.

China and India are leading the way. Yes, I'm optimistic. -Nicholas Stern
This week's summit on climate change at the United Nations in New York has given a strong boost to the negotiations over a major international treaty, but there remain a number of major obstacles that must be overcome before the crucial meeting in Copenhagen in December.

China, India replacing US as main consumer of goods produced in the region
Assessment by Professor Danny Quah