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China Development Forum 2014

China Development Forum 2014 – Rebalancing China|

China’s third plenary session of the 18th Central Committee recently put forward the much-anticipated blueprint of reform under the Xi/Li leadership. This event will bring vibrant discussions about the reform strategies and trends to LSE through panels covering key areas of reform such as business innovation, financial system and legal reform.

Co-organised with LSESU China Development Society|

Video and audio available|

Zhu Min

The Future of Asian Financial Markets in a Changing World|

Zhu Min's talk at LSE focussed on the future of the Asian financial market in a changing world.

Podcast available|

Ceiling of the Great Hall of the People

China’s New Leadership - Hopes for Reform and Fear of Uncertainty|

China's recent leadership change has given rise to a mixture of renewed hope for overdue political and economic reforms and uncertainty about its stance towards domestic and foreign problems and issues.This panel discussion aimed to assess and answer some of the questions raised by China's new leadership.



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