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China Development Forum 2015

China Development Forum 2015 - Paths to Modernisation|

This year's forum reflected on the events of past years and addressed China’s pressing issues, including New Normal in Chinese Economy, China's Relations with its Neighbours, New Urbanisation, Soft Power and Social Policy amongst others.

Co-organised with LSESU China Development Society|

100 Yuan

Financing Local Investments within a Sustainable Development Strategy for China|

This conference examined the general issues of sustainable and inclusive development and associated implications for China. It facilitated an exchange of views between leading international and Chinese academics, Chinese officials, and representatives of international agencies.

Co-organised with Sun Yat-Sen University|

Zhu Min

The Future of Asian Financial Markets in a Changing World|

Zhu Min's talk at LSE focussed on the future of the Asian financial market in a changing world.

Podcast available|



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  • Britain's involvement in AIIB reflects its pragmatism in bonds with Asia
    'Danny Quah, said that Britain has already re-adjusted its trading, economic and financial ties with Asia, as the world has entered into a new normal with strong characteristics of the rise of the east.' ( 14 March 2015)
  • Peripheral diplomacy needed before Chinese firms can aim globally
    Beijing's discussion on China's relationship with surrounding countries has entered a new phase. In academia, professors have long been concerned about the surrounding countries ever since the founding of People's Republic of China. But the concept of "periphery countries" has not been defined as a principle until recent years (Global Times 10 February 2015)
  • China internationalise only when wise
    'China should liberalise its capital account controls and foreign exchange rate controls at a speed that benefits its economic growth' (China Daily 20 February 2015)

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