The LSE Asia Research Centre was disestablished in March 2016 following the creation of several regional Research Centres at LSE focussed on Asia.

The LSE India Observatory is now affiliated with LSE’s STICERD (Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines). Information concerning its work can be found on the LSE India Observatory website.

For information concerning current Southeast Asia related activities at LSE, please visit the LSE Southeast Asia Centre website.

For information concerning current South Asia related activities at LSE, please visit the LSE South Asia Centre website.

Any queries concerning previous activities of the Asia Research Centre may be directed to the former Director Professor Athar Hussain.

The Asia Research Centre’s webpages are currently in a period of transition and will be updated on an on-going basis. Some information on these pages will migrate to other Centres in due course, or form part of LSE’s archive.

The Asia Research Centre expresses its gratitude for the global support shown to it throughout its nearly thirty years of operation.

Established in 1997, Asia Research Centre (ARC) built on LSE's long engagement with Asia, China and India in particular. The Centre was multi-disciplinary; its primary purpose was to conduct and support research on issues concerning Asia both in-house as well as across teaching and research units of the School. Its research activities, topics and method of research reflected LSE's social science orientation. Complementing its research activities, the Centre worked closely with educational and research institutions in Asia and hosted post-doctoral and research fellows. It also organised public lectures on topical issues related to countries in Asia.

The ARC was located within the Institute of Global Affairs (IGA).