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The key role of the Asia Research Centre is to be a central hub of the LSE to foster Asia related research and activities across the School.  More about the ARC »

Why Are We Waiting? The logic, urgency and promise of tackling climate change

Introducing his new book, Why Are We Waiting? The Logic, Urgency and Promise of Tackling Climate Change Professor Stern argued that the transition to a low-carbon economy and rapid structural transformations to the world economy provide a story of growth and poverty reduction that is attractive and sustainable.


Financing Local Investments within a Sustainable Development Strategy for China

An international conference to examine the general issues and associated implications for development China was held in Guangzhou, China. It facilitated an exchange of views between leading international and Chinese academics, Chinese officials, and representatives of international agencies.

European and Indian flags

India-EU Roundtable - Strengthening Relations Between Europe and India: Which partnership for the Twenty First Century?

This event, jointly organised by the LSE European Institute, LSE India Observatory and King’s College London India Institute, discussed some aspects of India-EU relations involving academics and policy makers.

Dr Louise Walker

Kabul: The growth story you don't know

Dr Louise Walker, Senior Advisor on Afghanistan and Pakistan for DFID, discussed how USAID's on-going commitment to Afghanistan can serve as a test case for sustainable, responsible development, enabling Afghanistan to emerge from an era of transition and enter an era of transformation.

Podcast available

Professor Motoshige Itoh

Why Abenomics Matters: Abenomics and the Japanese Economy

In this lecture Professor Motoshige Itoh explained the nature of Abenomics, discussing in particular the impact of aggressive monetary policy and the implications of its growth strategy.

Co-organised with STICERD and Department of Economics

Podcast available


An ongoing series of research and events focused on China


India Observatory
A centre to foster research and knowledge exchange related to India


Facilitates social science research on Korea and the understanding of Korea in the context of Asia and the wider world


Committed to independent, rigorous, and theoretically grounded social scientific research and discussion focused on Taiwan


German manufacturing model best for China
"What is unusual about China is not that the growth rate has slowed but that the economy has actually managed to grow at nearly 10 percent a year for 30 years," says Professor Athar Hussain.

New Brics bank in Shanghai to challenge major institutions
"Nicholas Stern recalled how he and Joseph Stiglitz conceived the idea for the Brics bank at Davos as a way for emerging markets with large trade surpluses to recycle those savings into productive investments."

Ethiopia: A Consultative Conference On the Financing of Sustainable Infrastructure
Lord Stern spoke in a session on sustainable infrastructure at a conference in Addis Ababa.

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