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Forum on Religion Events


The Forum on Religion, originally based in the LSE's European Institute, is now part of the Programme for the Study of Religion and Non-Religion. The Forum hosts the Programme's public lectures and an interdisciplinary seminar series, which are free and open to all.

Details and podcasts (where available) of previous events can be found at the Forum on Religion Past Events page.

Public Events

Department of Anthropology and Forum on Religion Public Lecture

On British Islam: Religion, Law and Everyday Practice in Shari`a Councils

 Click here to listen to a recording of the event.

John Bowen in office

John Bowen (Washington University in St Louis)

Chair: Esra Ozyurek (LSE, European Institute)

Date: 10 May 2016

Time: 18.30-20.00

Venue: Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE

In this talk, which accompanies the launch of a new book, John Bowen examines the history and everyday workings of Islamic Institutions in Britain, with a focus on shari’a councils. Bowen highlights British Muslims’ efforts to create institutions that make sense in both Islamic and British terms. This balancing act is rarely acknowledged in Britain—or elsewhere—but it is urgent that we understand it if we are to build new ways of living together. 

John Bowen is Dunbar-Van Cleve Professor of Arts and Sciences in the Department of Anthropology at Washington University in St Louis.

Esra Ozyurek is Associate Professor in the European Institute, LSE. 

This event is free and open to all with no ticket required. Entrance is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment.  

This event is co-sponsored by the Forum on Religion and the Department of Anthropology at the London School of Economics. For further information please contact


Past Events

Department of Anthropology and Forum on Religion Public Lecture

Local Theory of Mind: why people experience the same God differently in different parts of the world

 Tuesday 19 January 2016
Time: 6.30-8pm
Venue: Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building
Speaker: Professor Tanya Luhrmann
Chair: Professor Rita Astuti (LSE)

Cognitive science of religion has made significant advances in understandings of supernatural agency. Yet cultures emphasise mental processes in distinctive ways that matter for the experience of God.

Tanya Luhrmann  is Watkins University Professor, Stanford University and contributing opinion writer, New York Times

Info: or call 020 7955 6494  #LSEanthro


Personal Names, Protestants Missions, and Colonial Rule in Angola (1900-1975)

Date: Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Time: 5.00pm-6.30pm

Venue: OLD 6.05 (Seligman Library), 6th Floor, Old Building, Houghton Street, LSE

Speaker: Dr Iracema Dulley

Iracema Dulley


How can one explain the widespread transformations in naming patterns in 20th century Angola? This paper relates the reconfiguration of personal names to the presence of Catholic and Protestant missions in a context in which social mobility depended on being Christian and/or possessing a Christian name.




St Paul, Wonder and World: an Encounter between Theologians and Anthropologists

Date: Tuesday 19 May 2015

Time: 2-5pm

Venue: Virginia Woolf Building (22 Kingsway),  Room VB 3.01

This is the second in the Social Science and Theology seminar series, co-organized by King’s College London’s Department of Theology and Religious Studies and the LSE’s Programme for the Study of Religion and Nonreligion, supported by London Arts and Humanities Partnership.

This is an interdisciplinary seminar with a focus on St Paul and the implications of his life and teachings for understandings of society and the human today. It brings perspectives from within Pauline biblical and theological scholarship together with trends in the anthropology of ontology and wonder in light of contemporary social and political theory. Noted critical theorist, Prof. Arthur Bradley (Lancaster University) will present a paper on political theories of radical social change in relation to the writings of St Paul, who was himself the instigator of unparalleled social change.

We warmly welcome all Staff and Postgraduate Students who may be interested in attending this seminar. It would be appreciated if prior notification of attendance could be sent to Dr Michael W. Scott ( or Prof. Oliver Davies (


Forum on Religion and Department of Anthropology Public Discussion


Date: Thursday 7 May 2015

Time: 6.30-8pm

Venue: Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House

Speakers: Dr Laura Bear, Professor David Graeber, Professor Bill Maurer

Chair: Reverend Dr Giles Fraser

Can “bad money” be made good? Leading economic anthropologists will debate the morality of money, philosophies of philanthropy, and the lure of redemption.

Laura Bear is Associate Professor of Anthropology at LSE.

David Graeber (@davidgraeber) is Professor of Anthropology at LSE.

Bill Maurer is Professor of Anthropology and Law at UC Irvine.

Giles Fraser (@giles_fraser) is a Priest, former Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral and Guardian columnist.