Programmes of study

MSc Social Anthropology (Learning & Cognition)

This degree programme focuses on the social, cultural and educational contexts in which human learning and cognitive development takes place. In the past, anthropologists tended to approach the study of learning in terms of the complex socio-cultural environments in which knowledge is constituted and transmitted, largely shunning any reference to mental phenomena. Psychologists, for their part, often failed to take sufficient account of the diverse cultural contexts in which mental phenomena occur. However, in recent years, both anthropologists and psychologists have attempted to integrate detailed ethnographic examination of cultural forms with the study of mind and cognitive development. Our course will introduce students to these exciting new developments. More information can be found here MSc Social Anthropology (Learning and Cognition).

MSc Social and Cultural Psychology

Based in the Department of Social Psychology, this one-year MSc programme addresses the relations between psychological, social and cultural phenomena, providing extensive coverage of both theoretical and applied issues. The programme places great importance on how societal and cultural processes influence the psychological life of individuals, groups and institutions. For more information see MSc Social and Cultural Psychology.