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Programme in Culture and Cognition

The Programme in Culture and Cognition (PCC) brings together a number of scholars and students at the LSE whose research focuses on the relationship between psychological development and the socio-cultural environments in which humans live.

We assume that learning is everywhere enabled and constrained by the evolved cognitive abilities of our species; but also that it is enabled and constrained by the variable socio-cultural environments in which it is situated.

We approach the study of these phenomena from a number of disciplinary perspectives, including those of cognitive anthropology, social psychology and philosophy. Among other things, we are engaged in programmes of empirical research on the social and cultural contexts of learning.

Launch of the new international cognition and culture institute

The International Cognition & Culture Institute (ICCI) is an online initiative of the LSE Anthropology Department, the LSE Programme in Culture & Cognition (PCC) and the Institut Jean Nicod (ENS, EHESS, CNRS) in Paris. The website for the Institute includes a very active blog, downloadable versions of lectures given by leading scholars in our field, and much more. It can be accessed here|.