Visiting Fellows Scheme


LSE Visiting Fellows Scheme – Department of Anthropology

The LSE’s Visiting Fellows scheme enables practitioners and academics to carry out research in Departments and/or to be involved with departmental activities. The Department of Anthropology will only accept applicants proposed by a current staff member who has similar interests and can therefore act as a mentor. Applicants will also need to be able to demonstrate that their research aligns with that of the Department.

We receive a number of requests for affiliation every year and can only accept a few of them. For this reason we are very keen that the people who do come should make an active contribution to the life of the department while they are here. Probably the simplest way of doing this is through regular participation in the departmental Friday morning seminar, attendance at the drinks and lunch session following the seminar, attendance at the drinks session we typically have on Friday afternoons during term time, and attendance at departmental events such as the annual Malinowski Lecture. Visitors could also, of course, meet separately with individual members of staff and/or research students to discuss shared research interests – e.g. over a coffee or sandwich lunch. At the more active end of things, visitors might want to organise seminars, workshops or even conferences with departmental colleagues or they might make a contribution of some kind to departmental teaching. Obviously the range of options is very wide, and the constraints on individual visitors vary a lot too. But the main point is that we will expect some signs of commitment and engagement from all visitors during their time at the LSE.


• Fellowships normally run between 1 and 3 years, and fellows may start at any time of the year subject to agreement with their mentor and with the Head of Department.

• The title of Visiting Fellow is given to individuals from outside the School who are associated with LSE Departments. Visiting Fellows have access to various facilities at LSE, including the library. They will also be provided with an LSE login and email address enabling use of computer facilities; however the Department regrets that we cannot provide desk space.

• The Department does not provide a research allowance.

• We are not able to make any arrangements for Visiting Fellows’ living accommodation. The School does however provide an accommodation service for staff which may be helpful.

• At the end of a Fellowship, Visiting Fellows are asked to submit a brief written report to the Head of Department summarising their contribution to the Department.

Application deadlines:

Applications should be submitted electronically. The Anthropology Department deadlines are as follows:

Visiting Fellows/Visiting Senior Fellows

  • 10th January
  • 10th April
  • 10th July
  • 10th October

If applicants have special reasons why they cannot meet these deadlines, they should discuss this with their prospective mentor and/or Head of Department.

Application process:

  • You should identify the person in the Department who will act as your mentor/contact and discuss with them how your work and research interests align with those of the Department and how your proposed visit will benefit the department.
  • You should submit an application and current CV, including full contact details, to your proposed mentor.
  • Your application should cover the following points:
    • what academic benefits you hope to obtain from your affiliation with the Department
    • what contribution you think you will be able to make to the intellectual life of the Department (including possible teaching contributions)
    • what research activities you are planning to undertake while affiliated with the department
    • the exact start and end dates of the proposed visit
    • whether you require a work permit for the UK
    • details of any grant you have obtained or are applying for to cover your stay and travel costs
  • Your mentor/contact will complete the School’s nomination form and this will be considered by the Department at its next meeting along with your application and CV.
  • If your nomination gets Departmental approval, it will need also to be approved by the School’s Human Resources Department. If successful, they will issue a formal letter of invitation confirming your appointment.
  • In a separate letter, the Head of Department will outline your duties, such as attendance at relevant seminars.