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Dr Dominik SchiederDominik Schieder specializes in the anthropology and history of the Fiji Islands and Fiji Islander diaspora. His interests include transnational Pacific Islander migration, community building processes among urban Fijians, rugby union football and politics in Fiji. He has conducted field and archival research in Fiji, Japan, the UK, India and Australia. In his capacity as LSE Visiting Fellow, Dominik is the main organiser of the Austronesia Research Seminar and works with Fiji Islanders in the Greater London area and British Military Forces veterans as part of a broader postdoctoral project which investigates notions of ‘community’ among Fiji Islanders in Japan and the UK. 

Dominik obtained a doctorate in Anthropology from Bayreuth University in 2010. He received a scholarship from the Bavarian Government to pursue his studies on ‘coup culture’ in the Fiji Islands and became a member of the Elite Network of Bavaria and Bayreuth University’s international and interdisciplinary PhD Programme ‘Cultural Encounters’. Since 2011, Dominik has been a seasonal lecturer (Lehrbeauftragter) in the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Goethe University, Frankfurt. He has also taught in the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Heidelberg University. After completing his PhD Dominik was based in the Department of Anthropology at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, as a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Fellow, and the Frobenius Institute at Goethe University as a Fritz Thyssen Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow. He is also associated with the Heidelberg Pacific Research Cluster and acts as a deputy speaker of the German Anthropological Association’s Oceania Working Group.  

Recent publications

2016 (with G. Presterudstuen). ‘Bati as Bodily Labour: Rethinking Masculinity and Violence in Fiji’, The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology 17(3/4): 213-230.  

2015. ‘Community Life and Discourses among Fiji Islanders in Kantō, Japan’, Anthropological Forum 25(2): 167-186.

2015. (with V. Keck). ‘Contradictions and Complexities: Current Perspectives on Pacific Islander Mobilities’, Anthropological Forum 25(2): 115-130.

2014. ‘Fiji Islander Rugby Players in Japan: Corporate Rationales and Migration Routes’, Asia Pacific Journal of Sport and Social Science 3(3): 250-267.

2014. (with G. Presterudstuen). ‘Sport Migration and Socio-Cultural Transformation: The Case of Fijian Rugby Union Players in Japan’, International Journal of the History of Sport 31(11): 1359-1373. 

2014. ‘A Coup-Less Future for Fiji? Between Rhetoric and Political Reality’, in Future Selves in the Pacific: Projects, Politics and Interests, edited by William Rollason, 172-195. London: Berghahn.

2013. Review of ‘No Family is an Island: Cultural Expertise Among Samoans in the Diaspora’, by Ilana Gershon, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 19(4): 903-904.


Fieldwork Photos

Nation-Building Campaign,
Suva, Fiji Islands  

Takanezawa Cultural Festival, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

Tokyo Sevens Rugby

Fiji Association Europe, Solihull 2014
Fiji Association Europe, Solihull, 2014

The International Defence Rugby Competition, London 2015 
The International Defence Rugby Competition, London, 2015