Dr Pablo Jaramillo

Dr Pablo Jaramillo

Visiting senior fellow

Department of Anthropology

About me

Dr. Jaramillo specialises in the study of the materiality and temporality of natural resources. After a multi-sited project on the creation and transformation of windfarms, energy, and carbon credits, he is researching controversies around the future of gold and coal mining in Colombia.

He has also researched extensively in the transformation of indigeneity in Colombia and Venezuela in the convergence of human rights violations, conditional cash transfer programmes and multicultural policies. 


Colombia; Venzuela; materiality and temporality of natural resource; transformation of indigeneity

Selected publications

2014. Etnicidad y Victimización. Genealogías de la Violencia y la Indigenidad en el Norte de Colombia. Uniandes: Bogotá. 

2013. “‘Gender’ and the Concerns of Carnal Self-Consumption.” Ethnos. 73:4.  

2013. Las servidumbres de la globalización: Viento, Créditos de Carbono y Regímenes de Propiedad en La Guajira, Colombia. CLACSO: Buenos Aires. 

2011. "Post-Multicultural Anxieties? Reparations and the Trajectories of Indigenous Citizenship in La Guajira, Colombia". Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology 16:2.