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Professor Martha Mundy

mundyProfessor Martha Mundy is a specialist in the anthropology of the Arab World whose research has concerned anthropology of law and the state, the comparative sociology of agrarian systems, and the anthropology of kinship and family. Her first major fieldwork was conducted from 1973-77 in North Yemen. During that time she began to work on the anthropology of Islamic law. Before joining the LSE she taught at UCLA, Lyon 2 Lumière University, The American University of Beirut, and Yarmouk University in Jordan. During her ten years in Jordan (1982-92) she began a project of historical anthropology examining the transformation of political and economic relations in late Ottoman Southern Syria, present north Jordan. This combines work on law, on the state, and on village society and has involved archival work in Istanbul and Damascus as well as research into oral history and administrative records in Jordan. From 2000-02 she held a British Academy Research Readership; she has recently returned to work on contemporary issues of law and society and the crisis of agriculture in the Arab East.

Selected publications:

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