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Dr Charlotte Bruckermann


Charlotte BruckermannCharlotte Bruckermann specializes in everyday and ritual practices in rural Chinese homes. Charlotte has conducted long-term fieldwork in a mountain village in Shanxi Province in north-central China. Charlotte’s doctoral research investigates how people make themselves at home under conditions of political economic transformation. Her thesis traces shifts in aspiration and pragmatism as people engage with resurgent market competition and the emergence of state capitalism. Through everyday practices and ritual performances villagers enact domestic ideals of harmonious coexistence that accommodate and resist conflicts of interest with outside forces. Charlotte’s theoretical concern lies in connecting wider social processes to personal life projects through the intimate sphere of the home.

The Economic and Social Research Council and the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology funded Charlotte’s doctoral project at the University of Oxford from 2008 to 2012. Charlotte’s teaching experience includes the ethnography of China, the anthropology of fertility and reproduction, the phenomenology of healing and curing, and ethnographic film.


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