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Jayaseelan Raj

Jayaseelan Raj hasJAYa background in History, Political Science and Anthropology. His PhD research is concerned with the Tamil Tea Plantation labour in the Western Ghats of South India. The thesis focuses on the collapse of the plantation system and the migration of the plantation labour in search of new subsistence. The major argument is that stigma associated with caste, racial and linguistics identities of the plantation labourers is what underpin their reproduction as manual labour, both within and outside the plantation belt. His postdoctoral research at LSE is a comparative study of the Tea Plantation labour in West Bengal and Kerala. His major concern is on the political economy of these two States in relation to the emerging sub-nationalism among the plantation communities. He specializes on Political and Economic Anthropology with a particular interest on the dialectical relation between ethnic identity and class order.

Selected Publications

Raj, Jayaseelan (2013) 'Alienated Enclaves: Economic Crisis and Neo-bondage in a South Indian Plantation Belt'. Forum for Development Studies, 40(3), 465-490.