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Dr Agustin Diz


Head shotAgustin specialises in the anthropology of Latin America and has conducted research among indigenous Guaraní settlements in the Argentine Gran Chaco region.  He is broadly interested in the anthropology of political economy and in the ethnographic study of surplus populations, labour and belonging.

Agustin’s doctoral project looks at the ways in which the oscillations of the Chaco’s regional extractive economy have led to soaring rates of unemployment among the Guaraní even as new forms of state-sponsored inclusion – particularly new Conditional Cash Transfer programmes – have allowed Guaraní families to continue subsisting.   The research shows that, at the settlement level, the everyday realities of wagelessness and dependency articulate with local concerns for securing material abundance that lie at the heart of Guaraní political and ritual life.  Drawing on the anthropology of labour, play, and collectivity, the thesis explores how these processes of articulation produce gendered spaces of ‘illusion’ that disavow the fundamental contribution of women’s labour to subsistence. 

Agustin gained a BA in History at the University of Pennsylvania and an MSc in Anthropology and Development at the LSE.  After working on climate change and water management research for two years, he returned to the LSE to pursue a PhD in Anthropology.


Selected Publications

Diz, A. 2016. ‘The soul of the community’: corporate legal personhood in an indigenous settlement. Allegra lab

2013. Review of ‘Ethnic Entrepreneurs: Identity and Development Politics in Latin America’ by Monica C. DeHart in Anthropology of Work Review 34(1): 61-62.

2012. Anthropology and development: a feel-good essay. Anthropologies: a collaborative online project. 


Guarani harvest ritual mask
Guaraní harvest ritual mask

Young man takes a break
A young man takes a break from working in the fields

Domestic scene in Guarani household
A domestic scene in a Guaraní  household

Basket weaving lesson
A basket weaving lesson