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Anni Kajanus

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Dr Anni Kajanus is a specialist in the anthropology of China, her research interests include culture and cognition, cooperation, migration, education, gender and kinship. She is a Marie Curie Research Fellow whose current project compares Chinese children's developmental trajectories in two urban Chinese communities: one of permanent urban residents and one of recent rural-urban labour migrants. The two communities differ in several sociodemographic characteristics that relate to the learning environments of infants and young children.

Anni received her PhD in Anthropology from the University of Helsinki in 2014. Her thesis ‘Journey of the phoenix: overseas study and women’s changing position in China’ examined the increased investment in daughters’ education in urban China since the one child policy. She focused on families who make the considerable investment of sending their child abroad to study, analyzing the way the individual journeys of the student migrants become part of the transformation of gender and kinship systems in China.