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The department runs a number of seminar series and lectures throughout the Michaelmas, Lent and Summer terms. This year we have had several regional and thematic seminar series. We also have a time-honoured weekly Research Seminar on Anthropological Theory, which has been the venue for cutting-edge, intensive debate on current research in the discipline since Malinowski's time at the LSE. You are welcome and encouraged to attend all departmental seminars.

We also hold the annual Malinowski Memorial Lecture which, unlike most named lectures, is awarded to outstanding anthropologists at an early stage of their career. Recent lectures have been given by Dr Joshua Barker| (2009),  Dr Rane Willerslev| (2010), Dr Tobias Kelly| (2011), Dr Alpa Shah| (2012) and Dr Andrew Beatty| (2013).

In addition to these events we hold occasional Ethnographic film showings on a diverse range of topics.

All events are open to the public on a first come, first served basis where space is limited unless otherwise stated.

If you would like to receive email updates of our upcoming major events, please see the main Events| page for details of how to subscribe.

You can find details of travelling to and around the LSE's campus here:  Maps and Directions|.

Seminar Series

All events are free and open to all unless otherwise stated.

Research Seminar on Anthropological Theory

Lent Term 2014

Friday 10:30am - 12:30pm (unless otherwise stated)
Seligman Library (OLD 6.05) Old Building, LSE

Friday seminar programme

17 January

Deborah James (LSE)
Deeper into a hole? Borrowing and lending in South Africa.

24 January

Heonik Kwon (Trinity College, Cambridge)
Placing the dead in retrospect.

31 January

Nicolas Argenti (Brunel)
Crisis and famine in island Greece: Sovereign debt, political violence and topologies of memory in Chios.

7 February

Isak Niehaus (Brunel)
Dreaming Dreams or Seeing Ghosts?  On the Mystical Efficacy of Antiretoviral Drugs in South Africa.

14 February

Benoît de L'Estoile (CNRS, IRIS, Paris)
Is “the soul of the Brazilian people” fading away? ‘Popular culture”
and ritualisation of difference.

21 February

Bruno Latour (Sciences Po, Paris and LSE)
An inquiry into modes of existence.

28 February

Charles Stewart (UCL)
The varieties of Historical Experience.

7 March

Karen Sykes (Manchester University)
Inventing the Rules: Moral Agency and the First Papua New Guinean Generation.

14 March

Shivi Sivaramakrishnan (Yale)
Courts and the environment in urban India: A view from Delhi.

21 March

Keebet von Benda Beckman (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology)
Time and Law in Minankabau.

For further information about these Research Seminars on Anthropological Theory please contact Adam Kuper (adam.kuper@gmail.com|).

Austronesia Research Seminar

Lent and Summer Terms 2014

Mondays 4:00pm-5:30pm
20 Kingsway (KSW 4.03), LSE

The purpose of this seminar is to bring together scholars from across the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to share their research and expertise of the Austronesian speaking-world (including Madagascar, Indonesia, the Philippines, indigenous Taiwan and much of the Pacific), through a variety of mediums, including paper presentations, documentaries, and analysis of art and music forms. The seminar aims to drive theoretical and ethnographic discussions and to build greater awareness of the diversity of research being carried out in this region. It aims to build a forum in which researchers can reflect on, and be inspired by, future directions and interrelations within Austronesian studies.

PhD students and recent graduates are welcome.

The LSE Austronesia Research Seminar Facebook group| provides more details about the seminar.

Austronesia Seminar

20 January 2014

Chris Martin (LSE)
Going Abroad: Youth Mobility and Migration in the Philippines

3 February 2014

Rachel Smith (Manchester)
The good house and domestic anarchy: migration and the domestic moral economy in Vanuatu 

17 February 2014

Melissa Nayral (EHESS, CREDO Centre de Recherche et de
Documentation sur l'Océanie)
The 'conseil municipal' (local council) of Ouvea (New Caledonia): The Emergence of an autonomous political arena

3 March 2014

Roy Ellen (Kent)
Demography, kinship and ritual reproduction: Nuaulu cultural resilience in the 'New Indonesia

17 March 2014

Dominik Schieder (Visiting Fellow LSE)
Rugby migration and the Fijian ‘way of life’: perspectives from Japan

28 April 2014

Samantha Cooper (SI Government, UNICEF, ANU)
A place to open space: ideas about art, young people and creative industry in Honiara

6 May 2014

Kun-hui Ku (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
Names, Value and Hierarchy among the Austronesia-speaking Paiwan in Southern Taiwan

For further information about this seminar series, please contact Xandra Miguel-Lorenzo (L.A.Miguel-Lorenzo@lse.ac.uk|), Daniela Kraemer (D.A.Kraemer@lse.ac.uk|) or Johanna Whiteley (J.L.Whiteley@lse.ac.uk|).

Latin American Seminar Series

Lent Term 2014

LSE / UCL / Goldsmiths

The Latin American Seminar Series is organised by postgraduate Anthropology students from Goldsmiths, UCL and the LSE and open to Anthropologists working in Latin America based in UK universities and beyond. The seminar is a forum where researchers interested in Latin America can present papers, watch films, hold discussions and socialise informally.

Who can attend? PhD Students and Graduates are welcome.
Time: 5.00pm-7.00pm
Place: Institute of Latin American Studies, Senate House

Latin American Seminar Series

 23 January (Room 246 Senate House)

Pablo Garcia (University of St. Andrews)
Metamorphosis of space and place: Cultural tourism in Chinchero, Peru

6 February (Room 246 Senate House)

Harry Walker (LSE)
Happiness as style: Joy and Tranquility in the Peruvian rainforest

20 February (Room 103 Senate House)

Ana Gutierrez-Garza (LSE)
Performing class and status: Latin American women migrants in London

6 March (Room 246 Senate House)

David Cooper (UCL)
‘Living organised’ and the dangers of envy: being a beneficiary of distributive Sandinista politics in rural Nicaragua

20 March (Room G21a Senate House)

Ricardo Alvarez (University of York)
Asymmetrical structure in the Music of the Feast of La Tirana 2012 (Chile)

Any questions? Please email the organisers:

Natalia Buitron-Arias N.Buitron-Arias@lse.ac.uk|  
Francesca Mezzenzana F.Mezzenzana@lse.ac.uk|  
Anna Wilson A.Wilson@gold.ac.uk|