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The department runs a number of seminar series and lectures throughout the Michaelmas, Lent and Summer terms. This year we have had several regional and thematic seminar series. We also have a time-honoured weekly Research Seminar on Anthropological Theory, which has been the venue for cutting-edge, intensive debate on current research in the discipline since Malinowski's time at the LSE. You are welcome and encouraged to attend all departmental seminars.

We also hold the annual Malinowski Memorial Lecture which, unlike most named lectures, is awarded to outstanding anthropologists at an early stage of their career. Recent lectures have been given by Dr Joshua Barker (2009),  Dr Rane Willerslev (2010), Dr Tobias Kelly (2011), Dr Alpa Shah (2012) and Dr Andrew Beatty (2013).

In addition to these events we hold occasional Ethnographic film showings on a diverse range of topics.

All events are open to the public on a first come, first served basis where space is limited unless otherwise stated.

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You can find details of travelling to and around the LSE's campus here:  Maps and Directions.

Seminar Series

All events are free and open to all unless otherwise stated.

Research Seminar on Anthropological Theory

Summer Term 2015

Friday 10:30am - 12:30pm
Seligman Library (OLD 6.05) Old Building, LSE

Friday seminar programme

1 May

Di Wu (LSE)
The Art in Speaking -- The significance of situational affect in the process of communication among Chinese migrants in Zambia

8 May

John Bowen (Washington University)
How Acehnese Judges Reason: When morality, law and politics are not separate domains

15 May

Tania Li (University of Toronto)
Land's End: Capitalist Relations on an Indigenous Frontier

22 May

Paul Basu (UCL)
The National Dance Troupe as embodied archive and utopian trope in postcolonial Sierra Leone

29 May

Alice Street (University of Edinburgh 
Caring by Numbers: Humanitarian Management in a Global Health Crisis

5 June

Ellen Judd (University of Manitoba)
Living on the Edge: Refractions from Upland West China

12 June

Dinah Rajak (University of Sussex)
Precarious Hope: The Mining Company, the Entrepreneur and the New South Africa Dream

19 June

Thomas Hylland Eriksen (University of Oslo)
Three dimensions of scale in an industrial Australian city

26 June

Geert de Neve (University of Sussex) 
Predatory Property: Urban Land Acquisition, Housing and Class formation in a South Indian City

3 July

Hans Steinmuller (LSE)
Remoteness and Regularity in the China-Burma borderlands

For further information about these Research Seminars on Anthropological Theory please contact Katy Gardner (K.J.Gardner@lse.ac.uk).

Austronesia Research Seminar

Summer Term 2015

Thursdays 5:30pm-7:00pm
Seligman Library (OLD 6.05), Old Building, LSE **

The purpose of this seminar is to bring together scholars from across the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to share their research and expertise of the Austronesian speaking-world (including Madagascar, Indonesia, the Philippines, indigenous Taiwan and much of the Pacific), through a variety of mediums, including paper presentations, documentaries, and analysis of art and music forms. The seminar aims to drive theoretical and ethnographic discussions and to build greater awareness of the diversity of research being carried out in this region. It aims to build a forum in which researchers can reflect on, and be inspired by, future directions and interrelations within Austronesian studies.

PhD students and recent graduates are welcome.

The LSE Austronesia Research Seminar Facebook group provides more details about the seminar.

Austronesia Research Seminar Programme
21 May  Mark Mosko (Australian National University/LSE)
Bwekasa: The life-giving sacrificial rites of Trobriand Islanders, living and deceased
11 June Mike Poltorak (University of Kent)
The Value of Video, the Value of Anthropology: Reflections on Comedy, Mental Illness and Efficacy in Tonga
18 June ** CANCELLED**

Katrina Talei Igglesden
(University of East Anglia)
Kesakesa: design motifs and (mis)appropriation in contemporary Fijian masi

For further information about this seminar series, please contact Xandra Miguel-Lorenzo (L.A.Miguel-Lorenzo@lse.ac.uk, Chris Martin (C.A.Martin@lse.ac.uk) or Dominik Schieder (d.schieder@lse.ac.uk). 

Latin American Anthropology Seminar Series: 2015

"Crises and Ideologies of Domination"

All welcome!


Senate House, Malet Street, London, WC1 7HU 

Latin American Seminar Series
29 January
Room 246, (second floor)
Dr Ignacio Aguilo (University of Manchester)
From Anthropometrics to Aesthetics:  Visuality and Race in the Argentine Chaco
12 February
Room G34, (ground floor)
Luciana Zorzoli (CONICET-Argentina)
Trade Unions under Reform: Neoliberal Transformations from Dictatorship to Democracy in Argentina
26 February
Room 246
Carolina Comandulli (UCL) 
Extreme Citizen Science: A road for Alternatives to Development?  Paths in the Brazilian Amazon.
5 March
Room 102
(First floor)
Dr Jeff Webber (QMUL)
The New Dispossession: Latin American Theories of Contemporary Imperialism
7 May
Room 243
Natalia Buitron-Arias (LSE)
Preying on State Wealth: on the binds of community development among the Shuar of Ecuadorian Amazonia

Contact Details
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Agathe Faure, UCL (agathef.24@gmail.com)
Jasmin Immonen, Goldsmiths (jasmin.immonen@gmail.com)

ILAS Coordinator:
Dr. Heike Schaumberg (heikes1@gmail.com