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Understanding China and Engaging with Chinese People: the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Professor Fei Xiaotong

Date: 5th December 2010
Time: 9.00am - 6.00pm
Venue: G108, LSE


The London School of Economics and Political Science is holding an international conference to commemorate the birth of Professor Fei Xiaotong (Fei Hsiao-Tung 1910-2005), the famous sociologist, anthropologist, social activist and senior Chinese political leader, an Honorary Fellow and among the School’s most distinguished alumni. The conference, entitled “Understanding China and Engaging with Chinese People”, will take place at LSE on the 5th December 2010. It will be followed by a series of related seminars|, given by some of the participants, from 6th to 8th December 2010.

The conference will examine the importance and relevance of Fei Xiaotong’s academic contributions and policy studies, and focus on China both as a part of global society and as a culture undergoing dramatic change. It will explore relationships and interactions between Han and ethnic minorities and Chinese and non-Chinese people, in a search for dynamic, integrated, multifaceted insights. Comparative and historical perspectives are both represented. The aim of the conference is to advance mutual understanding between human beings as a process of the “cultural awareness” promoted by Professor Fei Xiaotong in his later years.

The conference is a public event, open to academics, politicians, policy makers, consultants, professionals and practitioners of different kinds of business. It is jointly organized by the Asia Research Centre, Department of Anthropology, China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN), Confucius Institute for Business London (CIBL) at LSE, together with Zhejiang UK Association (ZJUKA), and the School of Sociology and Anthropology, Sun Yat-sen University, China. It is supported by the Chinese Embassy in the UK, and sponsored by Hanban, Tsinghua University, and Sun Yat-sen University. The Sino-UK Educational Service Centre will take responsibility for logistics.

Chairs: Professor Stephan Feuchtwang and Dr Kent Deng, LSE
Convenors: Dr Xiangqun Chang, LSE and Professor Daming Zhou, Sun Yat-sen University, China

For further information please see www.lse.ac.uk/ccpn
|Email: ccpn@lse.ac.uk|