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Video and audio

Several current and former members of staff have been interviewed on BBC Radio about their research. You can listen to their interviews again via the BBC's weblinks:

Mathijs Pelkmans| and Alpa Shah| on Thinking Allowed| in January 2014, speaking about the role of doubt in religious and political conviction.

David Graeber on BBC Radio 4's Start the Week| in May 2013, talking about democracy.

Adam Kuper| on Melvyn Bragg’s In Our Time| in May 2013, talking about Levi-Strauss, and on dirt on Thinking Allowed| in June 2011.

Alpa Shah| on India's Red Belt on Crossing Continents|, and discussing Spending Time with Maoist Rebels on From Our Own Correspondent|, both in May 2010. In conversation with Akhil Gupta and Laurie Taylor on the fight against poverty in India on Thinking Allowed| in December 2012.

Matthew Engelke| on his study of the Bible Society of England and Wales on Thinking Allowed| in February 2012, and on Christians who don't read the Bible on Thinking Allowed| in October 2005.

Deborah James| on land reform in South Africa on Thinking Allowed| in June 2007.

Maurice Bloch| on the need for grand theory in anthropology on Thinking Allowed| in July 2005.

Charles Stafford| on numbers and China on Thinking Allowed| in October 2004.