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The Seligman Library

Welcome to the Anthropology Department’s Library!

Who? The library is open to all staff and students of the anthropology department and is staffed by friendly undergraduate librarians who can help with queries.

Charles SeligmanWhat? We have a collection of books, printed articles from the reading lists, dissertations and DVDs, all of which you can borrow for a week. The collection is updated regularly and we have a Professors’ Picks section with lecturers’ recommendations.

The library holds a variety of events, including the regular Friday seminars, student-led research seminars, film nights and the weekly tea party. Click on the links on the right to find out more.

When? We are open for borrowing from 12-2pm on Monday to Thursday, and from 12.30-2pm on Friday during term time. You can use the library for study during the rest of the day, as long as there are no classes taking place. Check the library door for the week’s timetable.

Where? On the 6th Floor of the Old Building.

Why? Come to study, chat, have a cup of tea, meet other anthropologists – or just for a quiet refuge from the busy world of LSE!

What's in a name? The library is named after Charles Seligman, the first lecturer in ethnology at the school from 1910, who became chair in 1913. Seligman was a teacher of Malinowski, one of the key figures of 20th century anthropology.

Contacting the Library

You can contact the Seligman Library by emailing: Seligman.Library@lse.ac.uk|