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Degree Programmes


Undergraduate Programmes

BA/BSc Social Anthropology|

BA Anthropology and Law|

Undergraduate Option Availability|

Postgraduate Taught Programmes

MSc Social Anthropology|

MSc Social Anthropology (Learning and Cognition)| 

MSc Anthropology and Development|

MSc Anthropology and Development Management|

MSc China in Comparative Perspective|

MSc Religion in the Contemporary World|

The MSc Law, Anthropology and Society| is administered by LSE's Department of Law|. Please contact the Law Department with any queries about this course

Postgraduate Research Programme

MRes/PhD Anthropology|

LSE-Columbia PhD Exchange|

Further Information

If you have any queries about our graduate programmes please make sure you have checked all the points on the LSE Graduate Admissions| page, before contacting the Department's Graduate Selectors on Anth_Grad_Admissions@lse.ac.uk|.

Frequently Asked Questions about Graduate Admissions

Alumni - or, why study anthropology?|

‘What is Anthropology?’: The Royal Anthropological Institute has developed a set of educational resources as an introduction to people interested in studying it. You can find their resources here: http://www.therai.org.uk/education/discover-anthropology/ |