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Receiving LSE Connect

If you are a graduate of LSE, you are entitled to receive LSE Connect free of charge, through the post and/or as an email alert which links to the online version.

If you are a graduate and:

  • you currently do not receive a copy,
  • you do receive the magazine but want to notify us of a change of address, or
  • you wish to change the method by which you receive LSE Connect,

Please visit  LSE Advancement  login to your alumni account| to update your contact details and mailing preferences.

If you are not a graduate of LSE, we are sorry but we cannot send out copies direct to you. However, we hope you enjoy reading the articles online, and please do send us your comments.

Your method of receiving LSE Connect

Alumni can now chose to receive LSE Connect in one of the following ways:

  • continue to receive their paper version of LSE Connect through the post (no action required),
  • opt to receive ONLY the online version of LSE Connect via an email alert (need to opt in via your HSO account - see section below), or
  • opt to receive both the online and paper versions of LSE Connect (need to opt in via your HSO account - see section below).
Updating your method of receiving LSE Connect

To review and update your method of receiving LSE Connect, you will need to be registered on HSO|.

Once registered, you can update your details in the 'my profile|' section of the site. Your preferred method for receiving LSE Connect can be updated here, along with any other personal information including your contact details.

If you have any queries about registering for HSO or updating your details, please contact alumni@lse.ac.uk|.