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Email: lsemagazine@lse.ac.uk|


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Advertising rates

Rates for larger companies

Cover positions


Inside front cover


Inside back cover


LSE Connect advertising rates



Full page


Half page


Quarter page


Special position requests



Ad confirmation & copy received        

Publication date

Winter 2014 issue 

9 September 2014

3 December 2014

Summer 2015 issue

3 March 2015 

5 June 2015

LSE Connect advertising rates

Loose inserts


Up to 6 gms - £45 per 1,000
7-10 gms - £50 per 1,000
11–15 gms - £55 per 1,000
16-20 gms - £60 per 1,000


Up to 6 gms - £67 per 1,000
7-10 gms - £80 per 1,000
11–15 gms - £102 per 1,000
16-20 gms - £150 per 1,000

All rates are exclusive of VAT, currently chargeable at 20%.

If you would like to place an insert, please email lsemagazine@lse.ac.uk| so that your interest for the forthcoming mailing can be noted. Bookings must be confirmed three to four weeks before the publication date. Please note our advertising policy below. 

Business card advert rates

These are for LSE alumni with small or medium-sized businesses. The standard rate for a business card advertisement is £75 plus VAT (a total of £90.00 for 2014). Please fill in the form below to book one of these advertisements. Confirmation, copy and a cheque are needed by 9 September 2014 or 3 March 2015 to guarantee entry in the following issue.

Business Card Advertisement - LSE Connect| (PDF)


Design data

Trim (hxw)


Bleed (allow 3mm)

Full page

279 x 216mm

252 x 195mm

285 x 222mm

Half page horizontal

139.5 x 216mm

115.5 x 195mm

145.5 x 222mm

Half page vertical

279 x 108mm

252 x 89mm

285 x 114mm

Quarter page

139.5 x 108mm

112.5 x 88mm

145.5 x 114mm

Ideally artwork should be sent in high resolution PDF format with fonts and images embedded. The PDF should be in high resolution (300dpi) at correct size. Artwork in InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop on a CD Rom with fonts and images is also acceptable. EPS, TIF formats are also accepted.

Advertising policy

The editor reserves the right to check or refuse advertising requests. LSE does not accept advertisements from companies selling tobacco or alcohol, from organisations offering products which conflict with LSE's own teaching and research, or from organisations seeking to raise funds from alumni.