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Winter 2013

Welcome to the online version of LSE’s alumni magazine

LSE Connect is published in June and December and mailed free of charge to over 100,000 LSE alumni worldwide. The magazine is also read by current and prospective students, current and former staff, visitors and friends of the School.

Winter 2013 issue

LSE Connect winter 2013

To read the current issue online, click the magazine cover on the right or read the main articles below. If you prefer, you can download a full PDF Winter 2013|, or individual articles below, for personal use.


Article: New horizons

New horizons|

Provost Stuart Corbridge and Director Craig Calhoun on the success of the recruitment campaign and the School’s developing strategy.

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Article: Beyond China and India

Beyond China and India|

Danny Quah argues for integrated thinking on the future of Asia.

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Article: Land of conflict

Land of conflict|

An interview with Catherine Boone on growing tensions over land rights in Africa.

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Article: What did Labour really do for us

What did Labour really do for us?|

John Hills analyses the impact of the last Labour government and alumnus Andrew Harrop comments on the findings.

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Article: Enjoy Yourself!

Enjoy yourself! It's later than you think|

Emily Grundy examines the causes of population ageing and outlines future research.

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Article: Learning from Interning

Learning from interning|

Peter Wilkinson reports on an increasingly popular route to employment.

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Article: There is no word to say

"There is no word to say, There is no song to sing..."|

A foretaste of the Library’s first world war project by Peter Carrol.

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Article: Opinion

Opinion: Who gets heard?|

Purna Sen on women in public life. 

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Article: LSE and me

LSE and me: You're never too old to be intellectually challenged| 

Entrepreneur, alumnus and governor Ashley Mitchell.

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Article: Alumni at large

Alumni at large: Due north| 

Chris Eglin's trek back to life.

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