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Winter 2012

Welcome to the online version of LSE’s alumni magazine

LSE Connect is published in June and December and mailed free of charge to 95,000 LSE alumni worldwide. The magazine is also read by current and prospective students, current and former staff, visitors and friends of the School.

Winter 2012 issue


To read the current issue online, click the magazine cover on the right. If you prefer, you can download a full PDF Winter 2012, or individual articles below, for personal use.



A fresh engagement [PDF] 

The new Director of LSE, Professor Craig Calhoun, asks alumni to join him in a quest to define what makes LSE distinctive, and to determine its future direction.


Water, water every where, nor any drop to drink [PDF]

As the UN International Year of Water Co-operation approaches, Judith Rees looks at the vital importance of water as an academic discipline.


Social scientists turn to India [PDF]

Social scientists are increasingly asking how and why India has changed, and what that says about long-standing assumptions about development, reports Huma Yusuf.


When the virtual becomes real [PDF]

Why do people pay real money for virtual goods? Dr Vili Lehdonvirta talks to Danny O’Connor about “virtual economics”, and alumna Paulina Bozek considers the modern gamer.


Dealing with the data deluge [PDF]

2013 is the International Year of Statistics. Professor Chris Skinner explains why this multi-faceted subject merits global celebration.


Handing over the flame [PDF]

As Brazil’s Vice Minister for Sport, alumnus Dr Luis Fernandes is busy planning for the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games. He spoke to Hilary Weale.


Father of the welfare state [PDF]

It is 70 years since William Beveridge’s influential report was published. Hilary Weale delves into the School’s archives and finds that a place in history was by no means certain.


The Women’s Library @ LSE [PDF]

Elizabeth Chapman explains why she was so keen to bring this remarkable collection of women’s struggle to LSE and what its acquisition will mean for the future.




LSE and me: After Hillsborough [PDF]

In 1989, alumnus Gareth O’Leary found himself at the scene of a football tragedy. Here he explains why the event and aftermath were so formative.


Opinion: The Beveridge Legacy [PDF]

It is difficult to know whether Beveridge would recognise the child he is said to have fathered if he were to return 70 years on, writes Howard Glennerster.

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