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Winter 2010

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  • Speaking to the solitary - Are Supermax prisons an expensive way to make people worse? Sharon Shalev talks to Jess Winterstein
  • Angels and demons - Chetan Bhatt explores the challenging case of an al-Qaeda activist and asks: are you on the side of the human rights angels?
  • Bonding with baby - Inheritance tax should be used to fund baby bonds, argues Julian Le Grand
  • The austerity cohort - Danny O’Connor discovers how the new cohort of LSE MPs are finding life in the UK Parliament
  • Finding the first thesis - Jon Adams delves into the School’s archives
  • Trading with success - John Sutton’s enterprise map project in Ethiopia sheds light on how successful companies develop in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Pitching it right - Hilary Weale traces the history of alumni sport