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Volunteering opportunities

Finding yourself with a bit of spare time and would like to spend it on a good cause? Looking to develop your skills or gain experience in a new field? Volunteering does not stop when leave university, and these pages contain links for finding out more information about getting involved after you have left LSE.

Volunteering in the UK

The best one-stop shop for finding out about volunteering in London and around the UK is through the national volunteering database, Do-It|. You can also try contacting your local Volunteer Centre| who will have an in depth knowledge of local volunteering opportunities. Further information can be found on through Volunteering England|. Their purpose is to promote and enable volunteering and community involvement.

Volunteering to support the LSE

Many former students play an active volunteering role in supporting the School and the alumni community. It's a great way to meet new people and old friends, allows you to share you experience with the LSE community, and provides invaluable support to the School. Programmes actively looking for volunteers including the Alumni Professional Mentoring Network|. For additional information about getting involved, please visit  LSE Advancement|.

Volunteering abroad

LSE Careers maintains a page with information on helping students and alumni choose an overseas volunteering opportunity|. Please note that the listing of these organisations does not imply endorsement of their programmes; we recommend that you do thorough research before committing yourself to a particular organisation. The websites below contain useful information about choosing a programme.

Additional resources

If you are between the ages of 16 and 25, you can search for information on volunteering opportunities with vinspired|. If you have an idea for a volunteering project that could improve your community, you can apply for funding through their vcashpoint| scheme.