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Careers subscriptions available to LSE alumni

10 Minutes With...

10 Minutes With logo10 Minutes With is an educational website, designed for universities and business schools and based on a very simple idea.

10 Minutes With… interviews company directors, executives, businessmen/women and ask them to explain their jobs and day-to-day activities in exactly 10 minutes. The video interviews help you understand the true nature of different roles and the skills required in a variety of sectors including Finance, Corporate Strategy, HR, Marketing,

  • Understand a given career from the top executives (not new graduates or mid-level management)
  • Learn what career paths look like
  • Learn what skills are needed to succeed and what leaders look out for in high potential employees
  • Increase the success rate at job interviews - how to stand out from the crowd

A new video with a senior director is added every week. Interviews include:

  • Christoffer Ellehuus, MD, Corporate Executive Board
  • Gail Lumsden, Global Head of Strategy at SABMiller
  • Tracey Huddy, Global Marketing Director at GlaxoSmithKline
  • Danny Kalman, Head of Talent Management at Panasonic
  • Colin Clarke, Head of Brand Management at Visa
  • Ric Parker, Head of Research & Technology at Rolls-Royce Group

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LSE Alumni can register with your LSE alumni email address, for free here: 10 Minutes With...|.

Vault: Career insider

Vault career insider logoCareer Insider is a digital resource that aims to provide comprehensive. up to date career information and a range of career research tools.  Career Insider provides users access to information to help:

  • the for a Career Search
  • Provide Insider Intelligence on leading companies
  • Uncover New Job and Internship Opportunities
  • Participate in Community Dialogue

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Access Vault's Career Insider via this link: http://careerinsider.vault.com/wps/portal/careerinsider?parrefer=7395| 

What can I access?

Career Insider is an educational tool that provides you unlimited, online access to comprehensive career information and management tools. It includes access to:

  • Industry and Professions: Build the foundation for your career search by researching a broad range of disciplines with quick easy-to-read profiles of different industries and occupations.
  • Career e-books: Download full text career guides on everything from Interviewing and structuring your resume, to in-depth overviews of industries, employers, and even general career topics
  • Company Profiles:  Research thousands of company reports and access relevant information about potential employers. Vault surveys thousands of employees each year about their company culture, salaries, interviewing process and much more. Vault compiles this information in order to provideyou a competitive advantage over others.
  • Articles, Blogs, & News: Stay current on trends, score advice, and comment on a wide variety of career topics
  • Community Discussion Boards: Gain access to the web's most popular forums for students and professionals to interact and discuss industry, company, and educational trends

Career Insider is a resource comprised only of specifically configured subscription content which cannot be found on the Vault public site|.