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What our students have said about the BSc Accounting & Finance programme

Vincent Lee

The Department of Accounting has provided me with a cutting edge experience in the discipline of Accounting & Finance. I have taken all the accounting modules the Department provided (AC100, AC211, AC330, AC310 and AC340) throughout my three years at the LSE and I can say it has encouraged me to think even more critically about the current issues that revolve around this discipline. One aspect which I must say was invaluable to my learning experience at the LSE is the way the Department design the course materials. The structure of the course is such that there is a clearly painted picture of a relationship between accounting, organisations and the society as a whole, which I wouldn't have known before studying at the LSE. Accounting has evolved and become such an important technology over time, that it is now invaluable to not only profit making organisations but also to governments, NGOs, as well as to the wider public as a tool for accountability. I would recommend prospective students coming to the LSE for the BSc Accounting & Finance degree because it has provided me with a better understanding of my future career prospects in this discipline.

In terms of the teaching quality for BSc Accounting and Finance, it has exceeded my expectations and I think the lecturers have done a good job in providing guidance to the students to excel. I want to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to the staff, lecturers and teachers, for their unwavering support .

Vincent Lee Ko Meng (BSc Accounting and Finance, Class of 2012)