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MSc Accounting, Organisations and Institutions

This degree leads to a Masters of Science in Accounting, Organisations and Institutions. Our intention is that this MSc will attract well-trained students from a wide range of disciplines, including those outside the domain of accounting. It is designed for those who wish to understand more about the multiple roles of accounting, whether they wish to become accountants or not. No prior knowledge of accounting is required. Accordingly, we envisage that this programme will be particularly attractive to those interested generally in careers in accounting and financial management, risk management, general management, consulting, regulation, and the public sector, as well as those seeking to convert to an accounting career. We also intend that the programme will attract students interested in pursuing further research at the doctoral level under the guidance of the internationally renowned faculty.

Given the high level of academic performance expected from students, a significant amount of independent study and preparation is required for successful completion of the programme. Students take several taught courses to the value of four full units, with examinations at the end of the academic year.

To reflect the strong research orientation of the programme, students must write a 6,000 word Long Essay which accounts for 50% of the mark of one of the compulsory courses.

Students admitted to this MSc cannot retrospectively switch to the MSc Accounting and Finance programme due to differing admission requirements.

"The MSc in Accounting, Organisations and Institutions is a unique and innovative programme which draws on the LSE’s long-standing leadership in interdisciplinary accounting research and teaching. The courses are taught to a high standard. The programme strongly develops the technical, analytical and research skills of students. It contains a good balance of qualitative and quantitative dimensions of the relevant subject areas".

(Professor Stephen Walker, External Examiner 2010-2013)

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Entry Requirements

Given the high competition for places on this programme, applicants who indicate an interest in the MSc Accounting, Organisations and Institutions specifically as their first choice will maximise their prospect of admission to the programme. Equally, candidates should note the differentiated nature of the graduate programmes in the Department of Accounting, and are advised to identify their first choice accordingly.

The programme brochure produced by the Department of Accounting can be found here [PDF].

Duration: 10 months full-time only

Start date: mid September

More information about this degree can be found on the MSc Accounting, Organisations and Institutions page in the Graduate Prospectus.

For further information please email accounting@lse.ac.uk