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The Department of Accounting currently offers three postgraduate programmes:

  • MSc Accounting and Finance
    The MSc assumes an academic background in the following subjects prior to entry to the programme: financial reporting, management accounting, finance, economics and quantitative methods. Admission to the programme may be conditional upon taking one or more courses in these areas to strengthen your background. This may be a course undertaken at the LSE Summer School or an approved distance learning or web-based equivalent.
  • MSc Accounting, Organisations and Institutions
    This innovative and distinctive programme provides the opportunity to study at the interface between accounting, organisations and institutions from a rigorous interdisciplinary social science perspective. The programme does not require a background in accounting, and students with an initial training in the humanities or the social or natural sciences are encouraged to apply.
  • Diploma in Accounting and Finance
    The Diploma in Accounting and Finance is a qualification in its own right. It acts as a conversion course for students with little or no background in accounting or finance, such as students with undergraduate degrees in arts, economics, law, business, science, or engineering. It also provides students with some background in accounting and finance the opportunity to extend their knowledge and understanding in areas of special interest within a flexible programme.For students studying on the Diploma programme there is a clear route towards MSc level study within the Department, subject to satisfactory performance. 


The Department of Accounting also jointly contributes to the MSc Law and Accounting offered by the Department of Law.