Dr Yasmine  Chahed

Dr Yasmine Chahed

Lecturer in Accounting

Department of Accounting

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OLD 3.30
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By appointment, please e-mail y.chahed@lse.ac.uk

About me

Dr Chahed’s research explores new areas in corporate financial reporting at the interface between capital markets and law, focusing on narrative reporting and executive pay.

She is a relentless supporter of teaching innovation and teaching excellence at LSE. She is the co-founder of the AC100 Teaching and Learning Support, the LSESU Accounting Society Peer Tutor Scheme, and has turned large lecture teaching into an interactive and collaborative experience. Her areas of teaching include introductory financial and managerial accounting, social and environmental accounting, and corporate governance and accountability.

Dr Chahed joined LSE as a Lecturer in Accounting in 2010. She holds a PhD in Accounting and Finance, an MSc in Law and Accounting, and a first degree in Business Administration and Economics. Prior to her postgraduate studies she worked in assurance and corporate finance in two big accounting firms in Berlin and Dusseldorf.

Dr Chahed is also a Research Associate at the the Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR) and Deputy Programme Director for the MSc Law and Accounting.


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Working papers

Chahed, Y. & Goh, L. (2014), Disclosure as Collective Work: Actors and logics in the field of production of mandatory remuneration reports.

Chahed, Y. & Goh, L. (2014), Compensation disclosure, say on pay, and the disappearance of executives from boards of directors.

Chahed, Y. (2014), Financialisation and Accounting Standard-Setting: The case of narrative reporting.

Chahed, Y. (2013), The Dynamics of Law-making in Financial Reporting: Discourse coalitions, think tanks, and the rise of the Strategic Report in the UK

Awards and honours

2013-14 Commended Nominee for AC100, LSESU Teaching Award

2011-12 SIAS Summer Institutes Fellowship

2007 EAA nominee to the AAA-Deloitte-J Michael Cook Doctoral Consortium in Lake Tahoe, U.S.

2005 Departmental Class Teacher Award