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Martin Giraudeau is a sociologist and historian of accounting, and more broadly of management, organizations and capitalism. His work draws on methods from the sociology and history of science and technology, which he applies to the sciences and technologies of business, so as to explain their historical emergence as well as the evolutions of their roles in organizations and the economy since the early-modern period.

Martin has conducted extensive empirical research on the shifting forms and uses of business plans in entrepreneurship, from the 18th century until today. He is currently completing two books on the topic: one on foundational controversies over business plan formats in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, based on the case of the founding of the DuPont de Nemours corporation; the other on the rise of business plans as a standardized technology of the future since the mid-20th century. He has, in parallel, expanded his empirical focus to the study of projects beyond entrepreneurship, as well as to the role of records and record-keeping in the management of business continuity.

Martin holds a PhD from the University of Toulouse (France, 2010). As a doctoral candidate, he was also a visiting research student at FGV-EAESP in São Paulo (Brazil, 2005) and a Fulbright Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA, 2008). Since joining the LSE in 2009, Martin has been a Visiting Professor at the European University in Saint Petersburg (Russia, 2014) and a Faculty Fellow at the Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History at Harvard University (USA, 2015-16).


Social Studies of Accounting; Science and Technology Studies; Economic Sociology; History of Capitalism; Organization Studies; History of Economic Thought; Anthropology of the Future


Articles in peer-reviewed journals

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2017), The Farm as an Accounting Laboratory: An Essay on the History of Accounting and Agriculture, Accounting History Review, 27(3). Read here.

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2012), Remembering the Future: Entrepreneurship Guidebooks in the US, from Meditation to Method (1945-1975) Foucault Studies, vol. 13, pp. 40-66. Read here.
  • Giraudeau, Martin (2010), Performativity, Economics and Politics: An Overview (with F. Cochoy & L. McFall) Journal of Cultural Economy, 3(2), pp. 139-146. Read here.

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2010), Performing Physiocracy. Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemours and the Limits of Political Engineering, Journal of Cultural Economy, 3(2), pp. 225-242. Read here.

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2008), The Drafts of Strategy: Opening Up Strategic Plans and their Uses, Long Range Planning, 41(3), pp. 291-308. Read here.

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2007), Le Travail Entrepreneurial, ou l’Entrepreneur Schumpetérien Performé, Sociologie du Travail, 49(3), pp. 330-350. Read here.

Special Issues

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2016), ‘Histories of Accounting & Agriculture’, Special section of the Accounting History Review, vol. 26(2). Read here.

  • Giraudeau, Martin, Franck Cochoy & Liz McFall (2010), ‘Performativity, Economics & Politics’, Special issue of the Journal of Cultural Economy, 3(2) (2010). Read here.

Edited books

  • Giraudeau, Martin & Frédéric Graber (Eds.) (forthcoming), Les Projets: Une Histoire Politique (17e-21e siècles)

  • Giraudeau, Martin, Franck Cochoy & Liz McFall (Eds.) (2014), The Limits of Performativity. Politics of the Modern Economy, London: Routledge (book version of the 2010 special issue in the Journal of Cultural Economy on ‘Performativity, Economics & Politics’) Read here.

Book chapters

  • Giraudeau, Martin (forthcoming), Business Plans (États-Unis, second 20e siècle) In Martin Giraudeau & Frédéric Graber (Eds.), Les Projets: Une Histoire Politique (17e-21e siècles)

  • Giraudeau, Martin & Frédéric Graber (forthcoming), Une Histoire Politique des Projets In Martin Giraudeau & Frédéric Graber (Eds.), Les Projets: Une Histoire Politique (17e-21e siècles)

  • Giraudeau, Martin & Frédéric Graber (forthcoming), Définir les Projets, In Martin Giraudeau & Frédéric Graber (Eds.), Les Projets: Une Histoire Politique (17e-21e siècles)

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2016), The Business of Continuity, In Bruno Latour (Ed.), Reset Modernity!, Cambridge: MIT Press, pp. 278-285. Read here.

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2016), Inclined Plans: On the Mechanics of Modern Futures, In Bruno Latour (Ed.), Reset Modernity!, Cambridge: MIT Press, pp. 286-292. Read here.

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2015), Faire les Affaires In Catherine Paradeise, Dominique Lorrain & Didier Demaziere (Eds.), Les sociologies françaises. Héritages et perspectives, 1960-2010, Rennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes, pp. 321-332. Read here.

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2014), Business Plans, In Pierre-Marie Chauvin, Michel Grossetti & Pierre-Paul Zalio (Eds.), Dictionnaire de l’entrepreneuriat, Paris: Presses de Sciences Po. Read here.

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2011), Imagining (the Future) Business: How to Make Firms with Plans?, In Paulo Quattrone, Chris McLean, Nigel Thrift & François-Régis Puyou (Eds.), Imagining Organizations. Performative Imagery in Business and Beyond, London: Routledge, pp. 213-229. Read here.

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2009), Évaluer les Projets d’Entreprises, In François Vatin (Ed.), Évaluer et valoriser. Une sociologie économique de la mesure, Toulouse: Presses Universitaires du Mirail, pp. 137-154. Read here.

 Other articles and book reviews

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2009), La Longue Marche du Créateur d’Entreprise, Sciences Humaines, Grand Dossier n°16. Read here.

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2009), Review of François Vatin, Morale industrielle et calcul économique dans le premier dix-neuvième siècle, in Sociologie du Travail, 51(1): 154-156. Read here.

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2008), La Firme en Formules, Idées, vol. 152 (2008), pp. 35-42. Read here.

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2008), Review of Laurent Vidal, Mazagão. La ville qui traversa l’Atlantique (1769-1783), in Genèses, 70: 162-165. Read here.

  • Giraudeau, Martin (2007), Review of Bruno Latour, Changer de société – Refaire de la sociologie, in Sociologie du Travail, 49(3): 412-414. Read here.

Works in progress


  • Proving the Future: Business Plans and the Rise of Capitalism

  • Firm Promises: A History of Business Plans (1940-2015)


  • How to Make Firms with Plans? Business Plans as Instruments of Mobilization (US, 1940-2015) (under evaluation)
  • Entrepreneurial Formulas: Business Plans and the Formulation of New Ventures (with Liliana Doganova) (under evaluation)

  • Administrating the Future: Project Appraisal in Early Venture Capital (under evaluation)

  • Inclined Plans: The Business Demonstrations of DuPont de Nemours, Father & Sons & Co. (1797-1802) (under evaluation)

  • Habitus & Prospectus: DuPont de Nemours, the Man & his Plans (1739-1817)

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