Dr Liisa  Kurunmäki

Dr Liisa Kurunmäki

Associate Professor of Accounting

Department of Accounting

+44 (0)20 7955 6394
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KSW 3.04
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By appointment, please email l.kurunmanki@lse.ac.uk
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Associate Editor: Financial Accountability & Management


Research interests

  • Accounting in the new public sector, with special reference to healthcare

Recent publications

  • 2018 (with A. Mennicken and P. Miller), Économicisation et démocratisation de la faillite: Inventer une procédure de défaillance pour les hôpitaux britanniques (Economising Failure, Democratising Failure: Designing a failure regime for NHS hospitals), Actes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales, 221-222, 80-99.

  • 2016 (with A. Mennicken and P. Miller), Quantifying, Economising, and Marketising: Democratising the Social Sphere?, Sociologie du Travail 58 (4), 390-402. Read article

  • 2013 (with P. Miller), Calculating Failure: The making of a calculative infrastructure for forgiving and forecasting failure, Business History 55 (7), 1100-1118. Read article

  • 2011 (with P. Miller), The Failure of a Failure Regime: From Insolvency to De-Authorisation for NHS Foundation Trusts, CARR Discussion Paper No. 67. Read paper
  • 2010 (with I. Lapsley and P. Miller), Accounting Within and Beyond the State, Management Accounting Research 22 (1), 1-5. Read article
  • 2010 (with P. Miller and T. O'Leary) Calculating Hybrids, in Calculating the Social: Standards and the Re-configuration of Governing (Palgrave Macmillan), edited by V. Higgins, S. Kitto and W. Larner.
  • 2010 (with P. Miller) Regulatory Hybrids: Partnerships, Budgeting and Modernising Government, Management Accounting Research 22 (4), 220-241. Read article 
  • 2008 (with A. Mennicken) Accounting for Failure, Risk and Regulation  (Financial Crisis Special), December, p. 17. Read article 
  • 2008 Failing Organisations and Organisational Failures: The Case of Accounting and Health Care Regulation, in Laskenta-ajattelun tutkija ja kehittäjä: Professori Salme Näsi 60 vuotta, edited by T. Hyvönen, M. Laine and H. Mäkelä (University of Tampere). Read article 
  • 2008 (with P. Miller and T. O'Leary) Accounting, Hybrids and Management of Risk, Accounting, Organizations and Society, 33 (7-8) October-November, pp. 942-967Read article
  • 2008 Management Accounting, Economic Reasoning and the New Public Management Reforms' in Handbook of Management Accounting Research, Volume 3, (Elsevier), edited by Anthony G. Hopwood, Christopher S. Chapman, and Michael D. Shields
  • 2008 (with P. Miller) Counting the Costs: The Risks of Regulating and Accounting for Healthcare Provision,  Health, Risk and Society, Vol. 10, No 1. (February) pp. 9-21. Read article 
  • 2007 (with P. Miller) The Risks of Regulating by Numbers: Costing, Curing and Quantifying, Risk and Regulation, Winter, pp. 8-10. Read article 
  • 2006 (with P. Miller) Modernising Government: The Calculating Self, Hybridisation and Performance Measurement, Financial Accountability and Management 22 (1), pp. 87-106. Read article Published in revised form in A. Bhimani (ed.), Contemporary Issues in Management Accounting, Oxford University Press, 2006.
  • 2006 (with P. Miller and T. O'Leary) Accounting Hybrids and the Management of Risk, CARR Discussion Paper No 40. Read paper
  • 2006 (with I. Lapsley and K. Melia) Costs, Care and Rationing: A Comparative Study of Intensive Care in the UK and Finland, CIMA Research Report.
  • 2004 (with P. Miller) Modernisation, Partnerships and the Management of Risk, Centre for the Analysis and Regulation of Risk (CARR) Discussion Paper No 31.Read paper
  • 2004, A Hybrid Profession: The Acquisition of Management Accounting Expertise by Medical Professionals, Accounting, Organizations and Society 29 (3-4), 327-348.Read article
  • 2003 (with I. Lapsley and K. Melia) Accountingization vs. Legitimation: A Comparative Study of the Use of Accounting Information in Intensive Care, Management Accounting Research 14 (2), 112-139. Read article
  • 2003 (with P. Miller and J. Keen) Health Act Flexibilities: Partnerships in Health and Social Care, ICAEW research monograph.
  • 2001 (with P. Miller and J. Keen) Health Act Flexibilities: First Steps, Health Care UK, 88-93.
  • 1999, Making an Accounting Entity: The Case of the Hospital in Finnish Health Care Reforms, The European Accounting Review 8 (2), 219-237.
  • 1999, Professional vs. Financial Capital in the Field of Health Care: Struggles for the Redistribution of Power and Control, Accounting, Organizations and Society 24 (2), 95-124.
  • 1999, The Irish Health Care System: Cost Containment Measures during the 1980s and 1990s, LSE Health, Discussion Papers in Health Policy, No 11.

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