Mr Christopher  Noke

Mr Christopher Noke

Associate Professor of Accounting, Departmental Tutor

Department of Accounting

+44 (0)20 7955 7317
Room No
OLD 3.29
Office Hours
Monday 15.30-17.30 and Thursday 15.30-17.30
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Research interests

  • Historical developments of financial reporting
  • Financial accounting 

Selected publications

  • Advising on the Act. The UK Companies Act Consultative Committee and Accountancy Advisory Committee 1948-1972, Accounting History, Vol. 12, No. 2, 2007, pp. 165-204.
  • Accounting Principles: The Consultation Draft on Realised and Distributable Profits,The British Tax Review 2000 no 2.
  • No value in par: a history of the no par value debate in the United KingdomAccounting Business & Financial History,   vol 10, no1, March 2000.
  • Per colmare il divario nella concettualizzazione del ricavo in Recenti Orientamenti Negli Studi Di Ragioneria in Europa, ed S Zambon, CEDAM Milan 1999.
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  • Agency and the Excessus Balance in Manorial Accounts', Accounting and Business Research, Autumn 1991 (reprinted with `Postscript' in Accounting History edited R. H. Parker and B. S. Yamey, OUP 1994). 
  • 'Money, Measurement and Accounting' in Reflections on Money, ed. D. Llewellyn, Macmillan 1989 (with M. Bromwich). 
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