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New MSc Programme

The Department of Accounting is delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new MSc programme, Accounting, Organisations and Institutions. The new programme is a timely addition to our portfolio of graduate programmes, and is built explicitly on the research expertise for which the Department has an unrivalled international reputation.

Accounting is now an influential technology in almost all institutional settings, a pervasive instrument of institutional governance. Accounting is implicated in decision-making, performance management, organizational control, risk management and institutional evaluation and assessment. Accounting extends its reach into government agencies, regulatory bodies, and management consultancies, as well as into an increasing number of assurance agencies operating in transnational fields much broader than those traditionally associated with financial auditing and the preparation of accounts. In short, accounting is much more than bookkeeping. This exciting masters programme will seek to understand the many faces of accounting and accountants, and their role in shaping organisations and institutions.

Our intention is that this MSc will attract well-trained students from a wide range of disciplines, including those outside the domain of accounting. It is designed for those who wish to understand more about the multiple roles of accounting, whether they wish to become accountants or not. No prior knowledge of accounting is required. The programme complements, but is very different from our existing masters in accounting and finance, which requires prior knowledge of both accounting and finance. Accordingly, we envisage that this programme will be particularly attractive to those interested generally in careers in management, consulting, regulation, evaluation, and the public sector, as well as those seeking to convert to an accounting career. We also intend that the programme will attract students interested in pursuing further research at the doctoral level under the guidance of the internationally renowned faculty.

We welcome applications for the 2011/12 session from well-qualified candidates who are curious about the many roles of accounting in today's complex and risky global system.

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