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Professor William T Baxter Travel Scholarship

26 May 2010

The Department of Accounting has recently set up The Professor William T Baxter Travel Scholarship. This award will be granted annually to a graduating student from the Department of Accounting to fund a visit to North America, to include some academic study, before returning to the LSE to undertake further study at Masters or PhD level within the Department. 

Professor William T Baxter died in 2006, just short of his 100th birthday. A celebration of his life and work was held at LSE on 15 July 2006, attended by more than 100 former students, colleagues, family and friends. Many have expressed an interest in making a further contribution in his memory. 

The Department feels that this is a wonderful way to remember and honour Professor Baxter and his long-time contributions to LSE students and staff, to academic accounting, and the accountancy profession. Many former students have informed us that he encouraged them to travel to North America and experience something of the world before taking up their careers, so we are especially pleased that our current and future students will have this opportunity as well. 

There is already £40,000 in the fund, donated by the Baxter Family, two alumni and the Department of Accounting, and we hope to increase this further. We would like to make the first award to one of the graduating students from 2009/10.  

If you would like to contribute to The Professor William T Baxter Travel Scholarship, please click here |to find out how.  If you require further information, please contact Reggie Simpson, LSE Advancement,  Email: r.simpson@lse.ac.uk.|.