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Professor Alnoor Bhimani speaks on 'The Allure of Big Data'

25 April 2014

Prof Al Bhimani

Professor Alnoor Bhimani spoke at the 14th conference of the Social Study of ICTs held at the LSE. As a panel member discussing Big Data and innovation, he commented on the scale of the ongoing data growth in the global economy. He identified trends in mobile technology usage, digitisation, global population demographics and new regulatory structures put into place in the aftermath of the global financial crisis as being key drivers of the data profusion we are currently witnessing. He noted that the State and a number of large organisations deploy Big Data analytics in seeking to unravel hidden patterns and unknown correlations. Insights derived from Big Data analysis of mainly unstructured data he argued can offers a basis for developing new ways of addressing citizen needs and concerns as well as for providing customer service and product choices in addition to producing social value. Professor Bhimani discussed the implications not just for reporting structures and communication forms but identified also issues relating to ethics, governance and risk management which will need to be addressed in the face of the growing interest in Big Data analysis. He pointed to evidence of Big Data analysis illustrations and implications in enterprise contexts which echoed ideas communicated by Professors Theodore Porter, Jannis Kallinikos and Nick Couldry who were also speakers at the event.