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Professor Richard Macve - Distinguished Academic Award

2 February 2010 

Professor Richard Macve has been honoured with the Distinguished Academic Award 2010, made by the British Accounting Association (BAA).  The annual recognition of research excellence celebrates Professor Macve's substantial and direct contribution to UK Academic accounting and finance life. 

Part of Professor Macve's responsibility as award holder is to present a paper during one of the plenary sessions at the BAA Annual Conference.  Professor Macve will present his paper at the 2011 BAA conference in Brighton due to his previous commitments as Distinguished Visiting Professor at Osaka City University, Japan, at the time of the 2010 Conference.


Pictured above: Richard Macve receiving his award via video link.   Also pictured (left to right) Gillian Knight (Research Manager ICAEW), Professor Christine Helliar (Dundee, Chair of BAA) and Professor Keith Hoskin (Warwick).