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Management Accounting Research and Practice Conference

6 December 2010

The Department held its first Management Accounting Research and Practice Conference on 4 November 2010. This is the first of a series of conferences which aims specifically to consider the impact of management accounting research on enterprise practices and the interplay between academic investigations and the application of management accounting concepts, techniques and approaches. Professor Bhimani ,Chair of the conference, commented on the theme of this first conference 'Management Accounting and Strategic Alliances' noting its relevance and economic significance in an increasingly integrated global economy. The main speaker was Mr Masashi Isogai, Managing Director of Toyota Motor Corporation, who spoke on research and development strategy and knowledge transfer and Toyota's latest strategic management initiatives.   Other speakers included Dr Pingli Li, Professor Guliang Tang, Professor Chen Gao from China and Professor Hiroshi Okano from Japan who reported research findings on  management controls in international joint ventures with Chinese partners.  

Dr Narisa Tianjing Dai, who undertook her doctoral research studies within the Department of Accounting,  delivered a paper on the political dynamics of control in a German-Chinese joint venture.   The presentations successfully illustrated a variety of ways in which research influences practices within enterprises and the manner in which management accounting practices are shaped by academic thinking and in turn how scholarly investigations themselves can reflect practical concerns, challenges and pursuits.  

Management Accounting Research Practice Conference