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Management Accounting Research Group conference 2015

The 36th annual MARG Conference
Thursday 16 April 2015, London School of Economics and Political Science.

There were two themes for the 2015 conference: The State and Future of Management Accounting and Management Accounting Principles.  


Morning Session:
  • Marc Wouters, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, University of Amsterdam
    Do Others, Perhaps, Know More About MA Than MAs and MARs?
    To download video of this presentation, please click here.
  • Adrian Ryan, Independent Consultant
    25 Years in Finance, the More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

    To download podcast of the morning session, please click here.
Afternoon Session 1:
  • Stephen Ibbotson, Rick Payne and Phillip Smith, ICAEW
    Business Performance Management: Never Mind the Frameworks, Feel the Tensions
  • Naomi Smith, CIMA
    Utility of Management Accounting Principles in Practice

    To download podcast of the afternoon session 1, please click here. 
Afternoon Session 2:
  • Teemu Malmi, Aalto University
    Should we Have Management Accounting Principles? - An Academic View
  • Management Accounting Principles: Break-out Session and Reporting Back
  • Michael Bromwich, LSE

    To download podcast of the afternoon session 2, please click here.

Part of the costs of this event are being paid by the Chartered Institute of Management
Accountants' and  ICAEW's Charitable Trusts. These trusts support educational projects relating to accountancy and economics. The Centre for Business Performance of the ICAEW manages all grant applications.

Further funding is also provided by the Department of Accounting at LSE. 





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