LSE/LUMS/MBS Conferences

3rd MAFG/LSE/MBS Conference: The Challenges of Global Financial Reporting 

11 May 2009 

The 3rd MAFG/LSE/MBS Conference took place on Monday 11 May 2009 at the London School of Economics and Political Science, hosted by the Department of Accounting. The title of the event was "The Challenges of Global Financial Reporting".

Invited speakers:

The programme can be viewed here|.

5th LSE/MBS Conference: In Search of the Ideal GAAP: Stewardship, Decision-making and the Way Forward

27 June 2011

The 5th LSE/MBS conference took place on 27th June 2011 at the London School of Economics, funded by LSE's Department of Accounting, Manchester Business School and ICAEW's charitable trusts.  

In Search of the Ideal GAAP: Stewardship, Decision-making, and the Way Forward. 

Invited speakers are:

The programme can be viewed here|.  

7th LSE/LUMS/MBS Conference: What constitutes Financial Reporting Quality?

24 June 2013

This event is partly funded by ESRC, ICAEW, the Department of Accounting at LSE and CAIR in the Division of Accounting and Finance at Manchester Business School.  It constitutes part of a project on the 'Understanding the Corporate Financial Information Environment', undertaken jointly by the three organising institutions (LSE/LUMS/MBS).  The aim of the conference is to review contemporary research on corporate disclosure and earnings quality to set the grounds for future research on the insightful interaction of these two aspects of the corporate information environment.  

Invited speakers

  • Anne Beyer, Stanford Graduate School of Business.   Anne's research interest is in the area of financial accounting with a focus on corporate disclosure, capital market prices and corporate governance.
  • Feng Li, Stephen M Ross School of Business University of Michigan.  Feng's research interest is in the area of corporate disclosure and corporate governance
  • Per Olsson, The Fuqua School of Business Duke University.  Per's research interests are in valuation, financial statement analysis, accounting information and investment decisions and information uncertainty
  • Vivien Beattie, Adam Smith Business School University of Glasgow.  Vivien's research interests are in the areas of user needs and reporting choices by organisations (business reporting; narrative reporting; charity reporting, intellectual capital reporting, the graphical presentation of financial information

Event organisers

  • Vasiliki Athanasakou
  • Edward Lee 
  • Martin Walker 
The programme can be viewed here|.

Part of the costs of these events were paid for the ICAEW's charitable trusts.