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Journal of Accounting and Public Policy Conference 2018


To be held at The London School of Economics

7 June 2018

The Journal of Accounting and Public Policy (JAPP) is pleased to announce the seventh of its annual conferences rotating among the IE Business School, the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Maryland’s RH Smith School of Business.  The seventh conference will be held on June 7, 2018, at the London School of Economics. The seventh conference will be focused around the theme of the Limits of Accounting Regulation. A special issue of JAPP will be published based on the papers and related discussions presented at the Conference.

Areas of interest for the seventh conference include, but are not limited to, the following themes:

  •  Has the cost of compliance become too high in its adverse effects on economic value creation?
  •  Should adherence to accounting standards be rethought in today’s fragmented world?
  • Is the pace of business complexity too far advanced for accounting regulators to be effective?
  • Is accounting now so politicised that regulatory compliance is becoming redundant?
  • To retain relevance must regulators now move away from generic one-size-fits all accounting reporting?
  • Is accounting’s backward-looking focus being replaced by more relevant forward looking metrics?
  • Do regulations impede innovatory corporate disclosure approaches?
  • Is qualitative and non-financial disclosure adequately regulated?
  • How limiting is it to business globalization that the US has not adopted IFRS?
  • Under what conditions does voluntary disclosure offset the limits of mandatory disclosure?

Papers submitted to the JAPP conference will be subject to a blind review process. Papers accepted for presentation at the conference will be considered for publication in a special theme issue of JAPP.

Papers for the 2018 conference issue may be submitted to Alnoor Bhimani (a.bhimani@lse.ac.uk), Salvador Carmona (salvador.carmona@ie.edu), or Lawrence A. Gordon (lgordon@rhsmith.umd.edu), with a copy sent to Martin P. Loeb (mloeb@rhsmith.umd.edu) and Kathy Lewis (klewis@rhsmith.umd.edu) by December 11, 2017. Conference acceptance decisions will be made by February 16, 2018.  Authors are encouraged to contact Martin P. Loeb, should there be any matter requiring clarification and guidance.

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