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Event In Honour Of Anthony Hopwood

15 July 2009

An event in honour of Anthony Hopwood took place on Wednesday 15th July. Nearly one hundred people from all over the world gathered to celebrate Anthony's work, and to reflect on the current state and future potential of accounting research and accounting practice.

The event took place at Goodenough College, and was hosted by the Department of Accounting. An impressive line-up of speakers addressed three themes: "Accounting from the Inside" (Christopher Chapman, David Cooper, Peter Miller); "Accounting from the Outside" (John Meyer, John Roberts, Theodore Porter); and "Accounting for the Future" (Henri Dekker, Gustav Johed, Caroline Lambert, Andrea Mennicken, Fabrizio Panozzo). In conclusion, Anthony Hopwood offered some fascinating reflections on the development of accounting as a discipline, and its interactions with other disciplines and with the world of practice. In a pre-recorded video, and in his distinctive idiom, Michael Bromwich paid tribute to Anthony's achievements. 

Over dinner, Hein Schreuder offered some equally fascinating insights into international accounting and the vagaries of pronunciation, and George Gaskell (Pro-Director, LSE) offered some personal reflections on the gathering, and the importance of developing emerging scholars in a discipline such as accounting. 

The financial support of the ICAEW's charitable trusts is gratefully acknowledged, as is the financial support provided by Elsevier, and the Department of Accounting at LSE. 

The original inspiration for the event came from a Festschrift being prepared in honour of Anthony's work, and that is now available as follows:

Accounting, Organizations, and Institutions: Essays in Honour of Anthony Hopwood

Edited by C.S. Chapman, D. J. Cooper, and P. Miller


 Hopwood group picture