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Dr Andrea Mennicken appointed Editor, Economic Sociology

Dr Andrea Mennicken, Department of Accounting, has been appointed Editor of Economic Sociology, The European Electronic Newsletter. The latest issue explores intersections between economic sociology, economic calculation and studies of accounting. An increasing number of researchers, particularly within the social studies of finance, have begun to draw attention to practices of calculation and the roles of calculative models and technologies in the framing of economic practice and market settings. This is timely, given the current desolate state of the world's financial affairs. Accordingly, this issue draws attention to the specificity of accounting as a mode of calculation, and explores the relevance of accounting research for economic sociology. An interview was also conducted with Anthony Hopwood, one of the world's foremost accounting scholars, and founder and Editor-in-Chief of Accounting, Organizations and Society.

The next two issues of the Newsletter will focus on intersections between economic sociology and the study of risk, regulation and law.

To access the Newsletter's website and to see the November issue, please click here.