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Professor of Accounting and Financial Management

Recent Publications

Selected Academic Articles

  •  Badertscher, Brad, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, Sharon Katz, and William Kinney. (2014), Public Equity and Audit Pricing in the United States. Journal of Accounting Research 52 (May), 303-339.
  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., and Michael T. Kirschenheiter. (2014), Discretionary Disclosures to Risk-Averse Traders: A Research Note.
  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Yong Gyu Lee, and Steven K. Rock. (2014), The Shapes of Scaled Earnings Histograms are Not Due to Scaling and Sample Selection: Evidence from Distributions of Reported EPS. Contemporary Accounting Research 31  (forthcoming).
  • Danielsson, Jon, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, Genady Samorodnitsky, Mandira Sarma, and Casper G. de Vries. (2013), Fat Tails, VaR and Subadditivity. Journal of Econometrics 172 (2), 283-291.
  • Gunny, Katherine A., John Jacob, and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. (2013), Implications of the Integral Approach and Earnings Management for Alternate Annual Reporting Periods. Review of Accounting Studies 18 (3), 868-891.
  • Gron, Anne, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Nicholas G. Polson. (2012), Optimal Portfolio Choice and Stochastic Volatility. Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 28 (1), 1-15.
  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., and Michael T. Kirschenheiter. (2012), Interactive Discretionary Disclosures. Contemporary Accounting Research 29 (2), 382-397  
  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Jing Li, and Gil Sadka. (2012), Earnings Dispersion and Aggregate Stock Returns. Journal of Accounting and Economics 53 (1-2), 1-20.  
  • Clayton, Matthew C., and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. (2011), Corporate Equity Ownership, Investment, and Product Market Relationships. Journal of Corporate Finance 17 (5), 1377-1388.
  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Yong Gyu Lee, and Yong Keun Yoo. (2011), The Valuation Accuracy Inferred from Empirical Implementations of the Abnormal Earnings Growth Model: U.S. Evidence. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting 38 (3-4), 446-471. 
  • Danielsson, Jon, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, Casper G. de Vries, and Xiaoguang Yang. (2008), Optimal Portfolio Allocation Under the Probabilistic VaR Constraint and Incentives for Financial Innovation. Annals of Finance 4 (July), 345-367.
  • Dehejia, Rajeev, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Raphael C. Thomadsen. 2008. Optimal Minimum Wage in the Classic Labor Supply-and-Demand Paradigm. The Journal of Poverty 12 (4), 481-495
  • Jacob, John, and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. (2007), Earnings Management and Accounting Income Aggregation. Journal of Accounting and Economics 43 (July), 369-390.
  • Clayton, Matthew J., Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Kenneth A. Kavajecz. (2006), On the Presence and Market-structure of Exchanges Around the World. Journal of Financial Markets 9 (February), 27-48.
  • Danielsson, Jon, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, Mandira Sarma, and Casper G. de Vries. (2006), Comparing Downside Risk Measures for Heavy Tailed Distributions. Economics Letters 92 (2), 202-208.
  • Beatty, Anne, Anne Gron, and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. (2005), Corporate Risk Management: Evidence from Product Liability. Journal of Financial Intermediation 14 (April), 152-178.
  • Clayton, Matthew J., and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. (2005), Optimal Cross Holding with Externalities and Strategic Interactions. Journal of Business 78 (July), 1505-1522.
  • Chen, Feng, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Yong Keun Yoo. (2004), Implied Cost of Equity Capital in Earnings-based Valuation: International Evidence. Accounting and Business Research 34 (4), 323-344.
  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., and Michael T. Kirschenheiter. (2003), Discretionary Risk Disclosures. The Accounting Review 78 (April), 449-469.
  • Danielsson, Jon, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Casper G. de Vries. (2002), Incentives for Effective Risk Management. Journal of Banking and Finance 26 (July), 1407-1425. 
  • Gorman, Larry R., and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. 2002. Domestic versus International Portfolio Selection: A Statistical Examination of the Home Bias. Multinational Finance Journal 6 (September/December), 131-166. 
  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., and Hans Ole Æ. Mikkelsen. (1996), An arbitrage free trilateral target zone model. Journal of International Money and Finance 15 (1), 117–134.

Working Papers

  • Burnett, Brian M., Elizabeth A. Gordon, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Cheryl L. Linthicum. (2014). Evidence from Canadian Firms’ Choice Between IFRS and U.S. GAAP.
  • Chen, Hui, and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. (2014). Insider Trading, Disclosure, and Product Market Competition.
  • Gordon, Elizabeth A., Elaine Henry, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Cheryl L. Linthicum. (2014). Flexibility in Cash Flow Reporting Classification Choices under IFRS.
  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Kenneth A. Kavajecz, and Scott N. Swisher, IV. (2014). The Historical Evolution of Financial Exchanges. 
  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Jing Li, and Nahum Melumad. (2014). Why do Firms Gravitate to Selective Disclosure?
  • Gordon, Elizabeth A., Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Cheryl L. Linthicum. (2013), Are IFRS – U.S. GAAP Reconciliations Informative?
  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Paige H. Patrick, and Naomi Soderstrom. (2013), Unusual Patterns in Executive Compensation.


  • Borealis. Harvard Business School Case 102-048 (with Robert S. Kaplan)
  • Echlin vs. SPX. Harvard Business School Case 199-010 (with Paul M. Healy and Penny Joseph)

Book Chapters

  • Bradshaw, Mark, and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. 2014. Accounting and Risk Management. Forthcoming chapter in book edited by H. Kent Baker and Greg Filbeck. Oxford University Press.
  • Danielsson, Jon, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Casper G. de Vries. 2004. Regulation Incentives for Risk Management in Incomplete Markets. In: New Risk Measures for Investment and Regulation. Edited by Giorgio Szego. John Wiley & Sons Ltd.  
  • Cumperayot, Phornchanok J., Jon Danielsson, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Casper G. de Vries. 2000. On the (Ir)Relevancy of Value-at-Risk Regulation. In: Measuring Risk in Complex Stochastic Systems. Eds.: Franke, J., W. Hardle, G. Stahl. Lecture Notes in Statistics, vol.147: 103-119.

Practice Articles

  • Biondi, Yuri, Eiko Tsujiyama, Jonathan C. Glover, Nicole Thorne Jenkins, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, John Lacey, and Richard H. Macve. 2014. 'Old Hens Make the Best Soup': Accounting for the Earnings Process and the IASB/FASB Attempts to Reform Revenue Recognition Accounting Standards. Accounting in Europe 11 (1), 1-21.
  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Yaniv Konchitchki, N. Bugra Ozel, and Gil Sadka. (2014). Legal Environment and the Differential Performance of Publicly Traded and Privately Held Firms. The International Journal of Finance (forthcoming).
  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Cheryl L. Linthicum, Andrew J. McLelland, Mark H. Taylor, and Teri Lombardi Yohn. 2007. Recent Developments at the Securities and Exchange Commission: Academic Contributions and Opportunities. Accounting Horizons 21 (September), 313-323. 
  • Danielsson, Jon, Casper G. de Vries and  Bjorn N. Jorgensen 1998. The Value of Value at Risk: Statistical, Financial, and Regulatory Considerations. Summary of Presentation. FRBNY Economic Policy Review (September): 107-108.


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