Dr Lisa Goh

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Assistant Professor of Accounting

Research interests

  • Financial Reporting and International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions


  • Goh, L. and A. Gupta (2010). “Executive Compensation, Compensation Consultants, and Shopping for Opinion: Evidence from the United Kingdom”, Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance, 25(4): 607-643. Read article.
  • Chahed, Y., and Goh, L. (2012) “Reporting Executive Pay: Why so Complex?” Risk and Regulation 24(Winter):10–11. Read article.
  • Goh, L. and A. Gupta (2012). “Directors in Banks: Compensation and Characteristics”, in Corporate Governance: Recent Developments and New Trends, ed. S. Boubaker, B.D. Nguyen, and D. Nguyen. London: Springer, pp.181-201.

Working papers

  • "Disclosure as Collective Work: Inside the Black Box of Remuneration Reporting" (with Y. Chahed, LSE) Read Article
  • "Corporate Investment and Changes in CEO Stock Option Grants" (with V. Athanasakou and D. Ferreira, LSE) Read Article
  • "The market for non-executive directorships in the United Kingdom" (with A. Gupta, King's College London)
  • "Executive Pensions" (with Y. Li, King's College London)
  • "What happens to reporting quality when IFRS standards are not enforced?" (with K. Soonawalla, LSE, and P. Joos, Tilburg University)
  • "Corporate Governance Mechanisms and their effect on Earnings Management by Acquirers" (with A. Botsari, University of Piraeus)


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