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Dr Stefano Cascino

Lecturer of Accounting

Research interests

  • Disclosure Regulation in Capital Markets
  • Corporate Governance 
  • Executive Compensation
  • Credit Markets


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Articles in academic journals

  • Cascino S. and J. Gassen (2014) “What Drives the Comparability Effect of Mandatory IFRS Adoption?” Review of Accounting Studies, Forthcoming (Online Appendix). 
  • Cascino S., D. Mussolino, A. Pugliese, and C. Sansone (2010) “The Influence of Family Ownership on the Quality of Accounting Information.” Family Business Review 23 (3): 216-229

Working papers

  • Cascino S., C. Beuselinck, M. Deloof, and A. Vanstraelen (2014)
    “Earnings Management in Multinational Corporations.” Working Paper. 
  • Cascino S., M. Clatworthy, B. Garcia Osma, J. Gassen, S. Imam, and T. Jeanjean (2014) “Who Uses Financial Reports and for What Purpose? 
    Evidence from Capital Providers.” Working Paper.
  • Cascino S., I. Tuna, and O. Urcan (2014) “Corporate Governance and the Efficiency of the Internal Capital Markets.” Working Paper.
  • Cascino S. and D. Veenman (2014) “Inside Debt Use in CEO Compensation and Efficient Contracting.” Working Paper.
  • Cascino S. (2012) “Stock-Bond Return Comovements and Accounting Information” Working Paper.  


  • Cascino S., M. Clatworthy, B. Garcia Osma, J. Gassen, S. Imam, and T. Jeanjean “The Use of Information by Capital Providers.” Research monograph commissioned by EFRAG and ICAS, 2013.
  • Cascino S. “L’Approccio Conservativo nel Financial Reporting.” Rome: Aracne Editrice, 2013.
  • Cascino S. “La Funzione Informativa del Conservatism nella Comunicazione di Bilancio.” Naples: Albano Editore, 2008.

Book chapters

  • Cascino S. and R. Viganó “Verso un Inquadramento del Rapporto tra Informazione di Bilancio e Modelli di Governo delle Imprese”, in F. Fortuna (Ed.) “La Corporate Governance nell’ Esperienza Nazionale e Internazionale: Aspetti Comparativi e Profili Evolutivi.” Milan: Il Mulino, 2010. 

  • Cascino S. “L’Applicazione al Family Business dei Metodi Fondati sui Flussi: Limiti e Correttivi” in E. Viganò (Ed.) “La Sensibilità al Valore nell’Impresa Familiare.” Padova: Cedam, 2006.

Awards and honours 

  • 2014 Commended Nominee LSESU Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2012 LSE Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2007 AIDEA Annual Conference Best Paper Award
  • 2003 AIMR Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Society Scholarship 
  • 2002 Debis Academy IPE Scholarship 

Research grants

  • 2014 ICAS, £40,000 Research Grant
  • 2012 ICAS-EFRAG, £25,000 Research Grant


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Contact details

Department of Accounting
Room OLD 3.32
London School of Economics
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE

Tel:   +44 (0)20 7955 6457
Fax:  +44 (0)20 7242 3912

Email: s.cascino@lse.ac.uk|

Administrative contact

Justin Adams, Administrator
Room OLD 3.20
Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 6542
Email: j.adams5@lse.ac.uk|