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Forthcoming Seminars

Details of research events to take place in the Department in 2014/15 are available below. If you are interested in attending any of the events, or would like to receive further information, please contact Justin Adams at  j.adams5@lse.ac.uk|

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Accounting Research Forums

Title: The Construction of Risk Management Credibility within Corporate Boardrooms|

Date: Wednesday 29 October 2014, 3.30pm

Location: Graham Wallas room|, 5th floor, Old Building

Speaker: Yves Gendron, Université Laval|

Financial Accounting Seminars

De george_w113
Title: tbc

Date: Wednesday 1 October 2014, 3.00pm

Location: OLD 3.21|, 3rd floor, Old Building

Speaker: Emmanuel De George, LBS|
Title: tbc

Date: Thursday 9 October 2014, 3.00pm

Location: OLD 3.21|, 3rd floor, Old Building

Speaker: Bugra Ozel, UCLA|
Hann cropped
Title: tbc

Date: Monday 20 October, 2.15pm

Location: CON 7.05|, 7th floor, Connaught House

Speaker: Rebecca Hann, University of Maryland|
Title: tbc

Date: Wednesday 21 January, 3.00pm

Location: 32L.B.07, Basement, 32 Lincolns Inn Fields Development 

Speaker: Victoria Dickinson, University of Mississippi|

Accounting, Organisations and Institutions Seminars

O'dwyer cropped
Title: tbc

Wednesday 19 November, 2.00pm

Location: Graham Wallas room|, 5th floor, Old Building

Speaker: Brendan O'Dwyer, University of Amsterdam