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Forthcoming Seminars 2014/15

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Details of research events to take place in the Department in 2014/15 are available below. If you are interested in attending any of the events, or would like to receive further information, please contact Justin Adams at  j.adams5@lse.ac.uk


Accounting Research Forums

Do Client Characteristics Really Drive the Big N Audit Quality Effect?

Date: Wednesday 4 February, 3.30pm

Location: Graham Wallas room, 5th floor, Old Building 

Speaker: Mark DeFond, USC
Investment Horizons and Price Indeterminacy in Financial Markets

Date: Wednesday 1 July, 3.30pm

Location: 32L.G.06, Ground floor, 32 Lincolns Inn Fields

Speaker: Shyam Sunder, Yale School of Management

Financial Accounting Seminars

De george_w113
Accounting Harmonization and Equity Market Contagion

Date: Wednesday 1 October, 3.00pm

Location: OLD 3.21, 3rd floor, Old Building

Speaker: Emmanuel De George, LBS
Real activity forecasts using loan portfolio information

Date: Thursday 9 October, 3.00pm

Location: OLD 3.21, 3rd floor, Old Building

Speaker: Bugra Ozel, UCLA
Hann cropped
Information Frictions and Productivity Dispersion

Date: Monday 20 October, 2.15pm

Location: CON 7.05, 7th floor, Connaught House

Speaker: Rebecca Hann, University of Maryland


Qualitative Corporate Disclosure and Credit Rating Analysts' Soft Adjustments

Date: Wednesday 26 November, 3.00pm

Location: Graham Wallas room, 5th floor, Old Building

Speaker: Pepa Kraft, NYU Stern
Auditor-Provided Lobbying Service and Audit Quality


Date: Monday 15 December, 9.30am

Location: OLD.3.28, 3rd floor, Old Building

Speaker: Hui Chen, University of Zurich
Firm Fundamentals and Sensitivity to Aggregate Earnings Growth

Date: Wednesday 17 December, 3.00pm

Location: OLD.3.28, 3rd floor, Old Building 


Speaker: Atif Ellahie, LBS 
Financial Market Developments and Management Compensation

Date: Wednesday 4 March, 3.00pm

Location: CON 7.05, 7th floor, Connaught House

Speaker: Scott Liao, Rotman School of Management
The Effects of CDS Trading Initiation on the Loan Syndication Market

Date: Monday 9 March, 3.30pm

Location: 32L.LG.02, Lower Ground, 32 Lincolns Inn Fields

Speaker: Wayne Landsman, UNC
Audit Partner Performance: A Network Perspective

Date: Wednesday 11 March, 3.00pm

Location: CON 7.05, 7th floor, Connaught House

Speaker: Jo Horton, University of Exeter
chu cropped
Understanding Uncontested Director Elections:
Determinants and Consequences

Date: Wednesday 20 May, 4.00pm

Location: 32L.B.07, Basement, 32 Lincolns Inn Fields

Speaker: Yonca Ertimur, University of Colorado 
Goodwill Impairments Certified by Independent Valuation Experts

Date: Wednesday 3 June, 4.00pm

Location: OLD.3.23, 3rd floor, Old Building

Speaker: Miles Gietzmann, Università Bocconi
Sharan Katz
Private Ownership and the Cost of Debt: Evidence from the Bond Market 

Date: Wednesday 10 June, 3.00pm

Location: OLD.3.23, 3rd floor, Old Building

Speaker: Sharon Katz, Columbia Business School
Alan Jagolinzer
Strategic Choice of Fair Value Estimates

Wednesday 24 June, 3.00pm

Location:  NAB.1.19, 1st floor, New Academic Building

Speaker: Alan Jagolinzer, University of Colorado Boulder

Accounting, Organisations and Institutions Seminars

Mediating and Connecting: Reflecting on Ted O'Leary's Work

Wednesday 3 December, 11.00

Location: Vera Anstey Room, Old Building
Managing Legitimacy to Attract Millennial Employees

Date: Wednesday 28 January, 2.00pm

Location: Graham Wallas room, 5th floor, Old Building

Speaker: Sylvain Durocher, University of Ottawa
David Stark
Top 10 Valuation Devices

Date: Wednesday 6 May, 2.00pm

Location: 32L.B.07, Basement, 32 Lincolns Inn Fields

Speaker: David Stark, Columbia University

CARR Seminars

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