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Professor Bjorn Jorgensen

Professor of Accounting and Financial Management

Recent Publications

Selected Academic Articles

  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., and Julia Morley. (2017), Discussion of “Are Related Party Transactions Red Flags?” Contemporary Accounting Research (forthcoming).
  • Burnett, Brian M., Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Troy J. Pollard. (2017). The Stock Market Reaction to Losing or Gaining Foreign Private Issuer Status. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 36 (2): 101-118.

  • Gordon, Elizabeth A., Elaine Henry, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Cheryl L. Linthicum. (2017), Flexibility in Cash-Flow Classification under IFRS: Determinants and Consequences. Review of Accounting Studies 22 (2): 839-872.

  • Chen, Hui, and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. (2015). Market Exit Through Divestment: The Effect of Accounting Bias on Competition. Management Science (forthcoming).

  • Burnett, Brian M., Elizabeth A. Gordon, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Cheryl L. Linthicum. (2015). Earnings Quality: Evidence from Canadian Firms' Choice between IFRS and U.S. GAAP. Accounting Perspectives 14 (3): 212-249.

  • Jorgensen, Bjørn N., and Michael T. Kirschenheiter. (2015), Discretionary Disclosures to Risk-Averse Traders: A Research Note. Contemporary Accounting Research. 32 (2): 1224-1235.

  • Badertscher, Brad, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, Sharon Katz, and William Kinney.(2014), Public Equity and Audit Pricing in the United States. Journal of Accounting Research 52 (May), 303-339.

  • Jorgensen, Bjorn N., Yong Gyu Lee, and Steven K. Rock. (2014), The Shapes of Scaled Earnings Histograms are Not Due to Scaling and Sample Selection: Evidence from Distributions of Reported Earnings per Share. Contemporary Accounting Research 31 (Summer), 498-521.

  • Danielsson, Jon, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, Genady Samorodnitsky, Mandira Sarma, and Casper G. de Vries. (2013), Fat Tails, VaR and Subadditivity. Journal of Econometrics 172 (2), 283-291. 

  • Gunny, Katherine A., John Jacob, and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. (2013), Implications of the Integral Approach and Earnings Management for Alternate Annual Reporting Periods. Review of Accounting Studies 18 (3), 868-891. 

  • Gron, Anne, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Nicholas G. Polson. (2012), Optimal Portfolio Choice and Stochastic Volatility. Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 28 (1), 1-15. 

  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., and Michael T. Kirschenheiter. (2012), Interactive Discretionary Disclosures. Contemporary Accounting Research 29 (2), 382-397.  

  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Jing Li, and Gil Sadka. (2012), Earnings Dispersion and Aggregate Stock Returns. Journal of Accounting and Economics 53 (1-2), 1-20. 
  • Clayton, Matthew C., and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. (2011), Corporate Equity Ownership, Investment, and Product Market Relationships. Journal of Corporate Finance 17 (5), 1377-1388. 

  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Yong Gyu Lee, and Yong Keun Yoo. (2011), The Valuation Accuracy Inferred from Empirical Implementations of the Abnormal Earnings Growth Model: U.S. Evidence. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting 38 (3-4), 446-471.  

  • Danielsson, Jon, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, Casper G. de Vries, and Xiaoguang Yang. (2008), Optimal Portfolio Allocation Under the Probabilistic VaR Constraint and Incentives for Financial Innovation. Annals of Finance 4 (July), 345-367.

  • Dehejia, Rajeev, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Raphael C. Thomadsen. 2008. Optimal Minimum Wage in the Classic Labor Supply-and-Demand Paradigm. The Journal of Poverty 12 (4), 481-495

  • Jacob, John, and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. (2007), Earnings Management and Accounting Income Aggregation. Journal of Accounting and Economics 43 (July), 369-390.

  • Clayton, Matthew J., Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Kenneth A. Kavajecz. (2006), On the Presence and Market-structure of Exchanges Around the World. Journal of Financial Markets 9 (February), 27-48.

  • Danielsson, Jon, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, Mandira Sarma, and Casper G. de Vries. (2006), Comparing Downside Risk Measures for Heavy Tailed Distributions. Economics Letters 92 (2), 202-208.

  • Beatty, Anne, Anne Gron, and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. (2005), Corporate Risk Management: Evidence from Product Liability. Journal of Financial Intermediation 14 (April), 152-178.

  • Clayton, Matthew J., and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. (2005), Optimal Cross Holding with Externalities and Strategic Interactions. Journal of Business 78 (July), 1505-1522.

  • Chen, Feng, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Yong Keun Yoo. (2004), Implied Cost of Equity Capital in Earnings-based Valuation: International Evidence. Accounting and Business Research 34 (4), 323-344.

  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., and Michael T. Kirschenheiter. (2003), Discretionary Risk Disclosures. The Accounting Review 78 (April), 449-469.

  • Danielsson, Jon, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Casper G. de Vries. (2002), Incentives for Effective Risk Management. Journal of Banking and Finance 26 (July), 1407-1425. 

  • Gorman, Larry R., and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. 2002. Domestic versus International Portfolio Selection: A Statistical Examination of the Home Bias. Multinational Finance Journal 6 (September/December), 131-166. 

  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., and Hans Ole Æ. Mikkelsen. (1996), An arbitrage free trilateral target zone model. Journal of International Money and Finance 15 (1), 117–134.

Working Papers

  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Steve K. Rock, and Ana Simpson. (2017). Financial Accounting Period Conventions under IFRS Reporting.

  • Burnett, Brian M., Elizabeth A. Gordon, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Cheryl L. Linthicum. (2015). Market liquidity around IFRS adoption in Canada.

  • Chen, Hui, and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. (2014). Insider Trading, Disclosure, and Product Market Competition. 

  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Kenneth A. Kavajecz, and Scott N. Swisher, IV. (2014). The Historical Evolution of Financial Exchanges. 

  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Jing Li, and Nahum Melumad. (2014). Why do Firms Gravitate to Selective Disclosure?

  • Gordon, Elizabeth A., Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Cheryl L. Linthicum. (2013), Are IFRS – U.S. GAAP Reconciliations Informative?

  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Paige H. Patrick, and Naomi Soderstrom. (2013), Unusual Patterns in Executive Compensation.


  • Borealis. Harvard Business School Case 102-048 (with Robert S. Kaplan) 
  • Echlin vs. SPX. Harvard Business School Case 199-010 (with Paul M. Healy and Penny Joseph)

Book Chapters

  • Bradshaw, Mark T., and Bjørn N. Jørgensen. 2014. Accounting and Risk Management. In: Investment Risk Management, edited by H. Kent Baker and Greg Filbeck. Oxford University Press.
  • Danielsson, Jon, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Casper G. de Vries. 2004. Regulation Incentives for Risk Management in Incomplete Markets. In: New Risk Measures for Investment and Regulation. Edited by Giorgio Szego. John Wiley & Sons Ltd.  
  • Cumperayot, Phornchanok J., Jon Danielsson, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, and Casper G. de Vries. 2000. On the (Ir)Relevancy of Value-at-Risk Regulation. In: Measuring Risk in Complex Stochastic Systems. Eds.: Franke, J., W. Hardle, G. Stahl. Lecture Notes in Statistics, vol.147: 103-119.

Practice Articles

  • Biondi, Yuri, Eiko Tsujiyama, Jonathan C. Glover, Nicole Thorne Jenkins, Bjørn N. Jørgensen, John Lacey, and Richard H. Macve. 2014. 'Old Hens Make the Best Soup': Accounting for the Earnings Process and the IASB/FASB Attempts to Reform Revenue Recognition Accounting Standards. Accounting in Europe 11 (1), 1-21.
  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Yaniv Konchitchki, N. Bugra Ozel, and Gil Sadka. (2014). Legal Environment and the Differential Performance of Publicly Traded and Privately Held Firms. The International Journal of Finance 24 (4): 7461-7501. 
  • Jørgensen, Bjørn N., Cheryl L. Linthicum, Andrew J. McLelland, Mark H. Taylor, and Teri Lombardi Yohn. 2007. Recent Developments at the Securities and Exchange Commission: Academic Contributions and Opportunities. Accounting Horizons 21 (September), 313-323. 
  • Danielsson, Jon, Casper G. de Vries and  Bjorn N. Jorgensen 1998. The Value of Value at Risk: Statistical, Financial, and Regulatory Considerations. Summary of Presentation. FRBNY Economic Policy Review (September): 107-108.

Appointments, awards and honours

Selected Editorial Roles

  • Contemporary Accounting Research (Editorial Board)
  • Journal of International Accounting Research (Editorial Board)
  • Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance (Associate Editor)

Selected appointments

  • AAA Financial Accounting Standards Committee

Selected awards

  • 2014 MAS and IMA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award (co-winner)
  • 2014 FARS Best Dissertation Supervision Award (co-winner)


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