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Welcome Week 2017-18

This web page provides information for new arrivals/applicants holding a conditional or unconditional offer which includes information on Registration and Department welcome sessions. Please read the information carefully as it will enable you to prepare for your time at LSE more effectively. More information is also available in the Department of Accounting Student Handbook (right).

Also see the LSE Offer Holders homepages (Undergraduate or Graduate) for a large amount of important and relevant information. In addition, you may want to refer to the following pages:

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School Registration 2017

Registration for new students takes place in the Hong Kong Theatre on the Ground Floor of Clement House. 

BSc Accounting and Finance
Tuesday 19th September 2017, 14.00-14.30

Diploma in Accounting and Finance
Wednesday 20th September 2017, 11.30-12.00

MSc Accounting and Finance
Wednesday 20th September 2017, 12.00-12.30

MSc Accounting, Organisations and Institutions
Tuesday 14th September 2017, 14.00-14.30

General Course
Monday 18th September 2017

School Welcome Presentations 2017

Welcome Presentations are given by senior LSE staff and representatives from the Students' Union. This is your opportunity to learn more about the LSE community and our opportunity to welcome you to it, including valuable information about the wealth of support available to you while studying at LSE.

BSc Accounting and Finance
Monday 18th September 2017, 10.00-11.30 in the Peacock Theatre

Diploma in Accounting and Finance, MSc Accounting and Finance, and MSc Accounting, Organsiations and Institutions
Tuesday 19th September 2016, 10.00-11.30 in the Peacock Theatre

General Course

Department Welcome Sessions and Reception 2017

BSc Accounting and Finance
Welcome Session: Friday 22nd September 2017, 13.00-14.30, TW1.G.01 (Tower One)
Welcome Lunch Reception: Monday 25th September 2017 from 12.30 in the Shaw Library, Old Building, 6th Floor

Diploma in Accounting and Finance
Welcome Session: Thursday 21st September 2017, 09.45 Programme Registration (please bring your student ID card) and 10:00 Programme Presentation both in Room KSW.G.01
Welcome Reception: Thursday 21st September 2017, 16.30-18.30 in the Chairman's Dining Room/ Directors Dining Room, Old Building, 5th Floor

MSc Accounting and Finance
Welcome Session: Friday 22nd September 2017, 09.30 Registration (please bring your student ID card), 10.00 Programme Presentation at the Old Theatre
Welcome Lunch Reception: Friday 22nd September 2017, 12.30-14.00 Shaw Library/MPR

MSc Accounting, Organisations and Institutions
Welcome Session: Tuesday 14th September 2017, 14.30-17.00 in room KSW 1.04
Welcome Reception: Tuesday 14th September 2017, from 17.00 in 4th Floor Cafe, Old Building

Department of Accounting School Services Presentations
All Undergraduate and Postagraduate Accounting students
Friday 22nd September 2017, 15.00-17.00 in the Old Theatre

Maps and Directions

LSE Campus

Programme Administration Team 

Mr Justin Adams 
Room OLD 3.20, +44 (0)20 7955 6542, j.adams5@lse.ac.uk 
Ms Yvonne Guthrie 
Department of Accounting, Department Manager 
Room OLD 3.19 Ext: 6408 Email: y.guthrie@lse.ac.uk
Mr Muhammed Sabih Iqbal
MSc Accounting, Organisations and Institutions - Programme Manager
Room OLD 3.22 Ext: 6278. Email: m.s.iqbal@lse.ac.uk
Ms Sandra Ma
BSc Accounting and Finance - Programme Manager
Room OLD 3.22, Ext: 7737, Email: s.s.ma@lse.ac.uk
Ms Dorothy Richards
MSc Accounting and Finance and Diploma in Accounting and Finance - Programme Manager
Room OLD3.22, Ext: 6603.  Email: d.richards@lse.ac.uk
Mr Salah Ud-Din
Student Information Centre Assistant
Room OLD 3.20, +44 (0)20 7852 3780, s.ud-din@lse.ac.uk